Since years ago couples with problems to have chidren go to this method to fulfill their dreaming wish.

By other hand there're arguments against it... the desire to become a parent turns to a market, the female body can be seen as an object (human dignity) mental disconfort of the woman after giving birth...

        Are you for or against of this method? Would you accept this technique in case you couldn't have children?

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Hello Mishaikh, I guess laws in this matter have to cling to the signed contracts, but obviously emotional feelings also play in this matter. Surrogate mothers should think twice and be clear it's just business before taking a step forward... well I can't judge since I'm not in their shoes. Difficult thing.

Thank you for joining :)

That's why I don't agree either, Estanis.

There are couples who waited for the pregnancy even after 11 to 15 years. The solution is to be patient.

How funny too see this in a drama, and for real, it's like a drama. Nothing can substitute the feeling of pregnant moment of 9 months I guess. A true mother will love the baby even if the womb is just a rent. Poor her, actually, and I will not proud of that at all. Adapting other child could be another solution.

Thank you for this nice discussion. :)

I will never know the feeling of a mother after giving birth but my eyes have seen the special bond created by the newborn and his mother so I can just imagine what surrogate mothers might feel. I wouldn't like to be on their shoes.

Hello Estanis

Nice topic! I read the comments, no one talk about the right of the babies who were born in this technique. They have the right to know everything about their birth and surrogate mothers. Nothing must be hidden from them. On the other hand, surrogate mothers also have the right to be a mother and love the baby, because the value of renting their wombs is more than just money. So better laws need to be made in benefit of both.

Hi Saba!  I just know that laws are different depending on where it take place, regarding the baby (who is the reason of all this) I don't really know but obviously laws should be fair for every side regardless the country. 

For decreasing the Womb For Rent, government from any country should have something like "pregnancy agents" to know who is being pregnant and who's child is that.

I'm not sure governments are interested in this. It wouldn't be bad to have common laws in this matter everywhere, hmm.. it sounds like utopian hehe..   Thank you Syah for your opinion :)


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