Do you believe in equality between man and woman?

Who is the woman? She is our mother, sister, wife, aunt or our close friend.

The woman is taking high positions in the government. She is a lawyer, a judge, a minister of defense, information or interior.  She is even a prime minister.

Why doesn't she take the same salary as the man? On the other hand, the woman is the nanny of our children. She feeds them, takes care of them and watches them while they grow up and become useful individuals for their societies.

Isn't this a good and noble job? Why don't we help them and take part in their work like washing the dishes or feeding the children? Few of us do that. The traditions, religions and different cultures may have to do with their equality in some parts of the world. In advance, happy Woman's Day.

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Nice blog sir thanks for sharing

Vanakkam Sunshine! Do you have any message for your sister women in your country or any other place in this world? Thanks for your views. 

 Oi there, folks

   Women find themselves in an environment created by chauvinistic males who think themselves to be alfa machos, rambos or lords of the rings. 

   Who would those lords of the rings be without a woman behind him, washing his dirty, stinky socks and underwear, feeding him, giving him consolation in distress and support in hard times???

   By the way, Dara, when talking about a genre in general, better use the plural form. Lions are the kings of the savannas. Hummingbirds are the smallest birds on our planet. Lynxes are smart mammals. 

yeilkei jeenkee Rysperski! The professional differences between the man and the woman are declining or rather falling. The percentage is more than two thirds for the sake of the man. Technology is invading us. Some women are more talented in the field of the internet than us.

That is quite obvious. It is true that they are weak if compared to our physical nature. My sentence might not be correct according to the logical sense. It is an old understanding that men are better than women. Of course, and definitely, that is wrong. As you mentioned, who feeds us? who raises our kids for us? Who gives us calmness and tranquility during night time.

Mentioning the word (man) or (woman) without any definite or indefinite article refers to the kind of man or woman in general. I guess you are aware of it my dear good friend Rys. Thanks for your kind intervention. 

iam sure  you are right  i hope that

Mashkoor ya Ahmmed2015!  The rights of women in some areas of the world are digested. She suffers a lot. Thanks for your comment on Woman's Day. 

Hi, Dara. Of course, it should be. But it isn't in many places in reality.

We are equal but not the same. In general, men are physically stronger than women. In ancient days, men had hunt game to support their families and fought enemies to protect them. On the other hand, women had raised children and done housework in a house. Sharing of roles like this is common in animal world and human society in many places.

Nowadays, men do jobs to earn money instead of hunting game and women also come to do jobs as well as men. So sharing of roles like that come to be less necessary than in the past.

Domo arigato Tam! In the past, we fought to earn money and our women stayed home to do the homework. I do not know, Tam, but the operation of raising children is not that easy.  Our kids are the pillars of this society. Upbringing them in a good manner makes useful consequences. 

Talking about the matter in a different angle, The rights of women are not given to them. Take, for example, the spots of war. The woman becomes the protector of the family. She meets a pile of responsibilities.

Let us not talk about those who work in houses as domestic helpers. They are persecuted, demeaned, and sometimes they are raped. As the era of the internet is controlling now, she is a bit free in some way.  Many thanks to you Mr. Tam.  

It is very sensitive topic. Actually the trouble is bigger than that unfortunately. Overall, It s been known that someone must realize that nothing can be lost!! Everything done wrongly to someone would be return back to the dower sooner or later. This would be a great warning if we really understood.

Thanks Dara again and keep going.

Dear Ocean, I really agree with you. The matter is bigger than we imagine or suppose. Do you know that some women work in a certain job during the day and come back home to play the role of the mother? She gives food to her children, helps them to solve their homework.

Sometimes, she fixes the leak in the kitchen or the bathroom. Women suffer a lot. I guess technology can save them from this unbalanced way. We really greet them for their struggle in life to cover our defects. They are really our completed halves. We need them a lot. Life without a woman is like a hell. or am I exaggerating? 

Hi Dara,

Yes, I do believe in equality and also it depends on how she and he understand and iron out their differences when issues are found.

A woman is the creator of the world. Many say God made them all, In fact, a woman, again says, Woman is from, uh Iteration.

Nowadays woman does have equal importance in many fields and still in progress.

No doubt they can handle any, unlike man. But some tasks are not suitable for a woman as a man does.

First thing, It comes to my mind,
World's female first prime minister in the world is from Srilanka. In the earlier centuries, she did well and no doubt they can do many wonders in the present era.

A few years back, women got a driving license in some of the countries and still, some are going to happen, I'm happy about it.

No question, Woman is as kind as lamb.
No words can't express the beauty of MOTHER, never-ending superstar, and goddess. 

Lekin main nahi pata Shekhar! It is this contradictory problem which we are facing now, my dear good friend. She reached the high position of the prime minister, but she is still treated in a strange racial way.  I told my friends before about it. In many countries, she gets paid fewer salary than the man. Putting in mind that she does the same work.

In agricultural countries, women do a lot of plantation and get money which is not sufficient to support their kids. I hope that their rights will be given to them. It is true that our physical creation is a bit different from them, but that does not mean we oppress their rights. Look at those people who rape women. Do they think for one minute of their own families? I mean they have mothers, sisters, aunts. What would be his position if I force anyone of these relatives of his to do that? Thanks, Shekhar for your nice comment. 


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