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Good evening, everyone! ^_^

I always wonder, in this world, why people do like to be in debt.

I could understand if the one need borrows money, but why do rich people also like to be in debt?

Once, I had an opportunity to interview a rich woman. :D I asked, "You're capable enough in everything. Why do you like to be in debt?". She answered, "This debt encourages me to work harder....(to pay for debts)"

This answer really tickled my ear... lol

Is it comfortable to think about debts while sleeping at night, for years....?

To me, being truly rich is when you don't have any debts and you can share so many things to others, including smile and knowledge. ^_^

So, what about you? Do you wish to live with or without debts? :)

Thank you so much for your time.

Happy weekend! ^_^

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To be  in debt is  horrible  life  is  short  and one  should  not be remembered  beyond  the  grave  for  the over dues

Dear Nadira,

Yes, Ma'am. I agree that 'horrible' is the appropriate word for the case I mean. Even if we are in need (not urgent/critical), some people think it is better to enjoy life without a debt.

So many thanks for sharing your precious opinion, Ma'am. ^_^

Dear Onee,

I hate debts too.

But life is not easy nowadays. In Ukraine it is impossible to live without debts. Otherwise you can spend all your life for saving money and you will be able to achieve your goals at old age only. We have to take mortgage and loans to have comfortable life and raise our kids. Maybe this is our nature to go ahead and always srive for more. 

Thank you, dear, for interesting discussion. 

Dear Svitlana,

Thank you for sharing your view, dear. I don't know much how people in Ukraine live. I'm sorry to know that. Sure, if one cannot avoid that, then life must go on. It's not a big deal as long as we can reach happiness inside. At the end, I think everyone aims to have a better life in the future.

You're welcome and thanks for sharing your experience with us. :)

You are welcome, Dear Onee!

Hello Onee

Nice topic!
You are right, being truly rich is when you don't have any debts and you can share so many things to others, including smile and knowledge. That woman is greedy and likes to abuse others.

Dear Saba,

I'm glad that we are in the same boat. I'm not sure if 'greedy' and 'abuse' are the proper words. I hope she will realize and stop one day. 

Thanks a lot for your precious reply. :)

I just hate being in debt and I hate the fact that it's nearly impossible to manage your personal finances that way so you won't ever be in debt. At least with my current salary. I just changed my career and now I am not that wealthy so from time to time I have to use https://paydayloan.network/unsecured-loans.html to cover all the expenses.


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