Good evening, everyone! ^_^

I always wonder, in this world, why people do like to be in debt.

I could understand if the one need borrows money, but why do rich people also like to be in debt?

Once, I had an opportunity to interview a rich woman. :D I asked, "You're capable enough in everything. Why do you like to be in debt?". She answered, "This debt encourages me to work harder....(to pay for debts)"

This answer really tickled my ear... lol

Is it comfortable to think about debts while sleeping at night, for years....?

To me, being truly rich is when you don't have any debts and you can share so many things to others, including smile and knowledge. ^_^

So, what about you? Do you wish to live with or without debts? :)

Thank you so much for your time.

Happy weekend! ^_^

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Hi Onee!

I also don't like to live with debts. :)

But that woman seem right. If it makes her work better and in the end she is happy, then why not.

Thank you!

Have an awesome weekend!

Hi Roman, :)

Good to know that we have the same thought about debts.

In the story and discussion, I mean..... To be in debts in the bank which they will pay more than the amount of money they borrow.

Well, I don't think to say... "why not" because.... it will add her burden without a useful point. This is different from a businessman who borrow money to start their job. I'm talking about people who have all things but they still borrow money just to increase wealth (more car more buildings, etc, which is excessive) or to look richer or just for fun.

So many people in the world are living in deficiency. The interests of debts can be really useful for them.

This is my point. :)

Thank you for your precious reply. ^^

I got it, Onee. :)

But in case, if they are sure, that they will increase their wealth, by borrowing money. And if it makes them happy, then I think, it is good. There are many different people in the world. So, as far as it doesn't cause problems to the people or nature, I think, it i not that bad. :)

Well, yeah, it's a choice, dear Roman. I'd also like to hear other reasons.

Thank you for your precious reply. Have a nice Sunday! ^^

Thank you, Onee! ^^

Have also a spectacular Sunday!

To me, being truly rich is when you don't have any debts and you can share so many things to others, including smile and knowledge. ^_^

perfect thinking Onee....:-)

I also think like you...:-)

Dear Oporazita, :)

I'm glad that we're on the same boat. Many thanks for your comment. ^^

No, Onee, it is not good to be in debt, but sometimes circumstances made the needies to get loan to fulfill their urgent needs, for example I when diagnosed that I had a hole in my heart and I have no further time to ignore it.  But I didn't have enough money to pay for the surgery.  The total expenses for the operation etc. was Rs: 400,000/=.  I had to get loan from my sister and brother, which I have not yet paid back.

In the same way sometimes parents get loan to get their daughter married (for dowry) (It is common in my society), so they became debted.

On the contrary there are experienced (clever) businessmen and industrialists, who stand their business by taking loan the major part of their finances from the banks (though already are very rich) and pay back in terms of installments as they keep earning from that finances.  It is not considered wise in their view to make 100% investment from their own resources, though they can afford it.

Thanks for your views in above blog which motivated me to make aforementioned view.

Yup, Mishaikh. For some reason and some circumstances, people need to get a loan. And, it is better if we can get a loan from relatives, not a bank. Glad to know that you're healthy now. Hope so.

I don't agree if people should get a loan for dowry. It's a pity to know that.

Yeah, that's what I mean, Mishaikh. Many great bussinessmen do that, though not all. That's why, just like in a drama. :D. Once they had a big problem, everything is ruined. This is also a common thing.

So, in my humble opinion, it is better to use their own financial capital or make a cooperation to improve the business. It reduces worst thing happen in the future and they don't need part of the profit to pay for the debt.

So many thanks for sharing your comprehensive view. :)

Onee businessmen are very clever.  They do not use their own resources (at least major part of it) to run a business.  They establish their business solely on banks' loan shoulder, earn, get their share pay back instalment of bank loan, it goes on and on.  In case of disaster, they declare themselves bankrupt.  Banks takes back everything which is already their.  The businessman moves on for new venture.

I am talking about clever businessmen.  Others become the victim of banks' interest trap.  Once I was in an engineering industry.  They took a loan for some machinery, paid back double the amount, still they had to pay pack more than double the amount when they got bankrupt because of the compound interest and inflation.

lol....Mishaikh. What's the profit for both of them then? One sounds like doing it for fun, another one was getting trapped.

Thank you for sharing great stories on this discussion. ^^


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