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Has the world changed?? Still, I can't believe it. I can only take a deep breath.

A man had married years ago. He worked for the family, but he earned less than his wife. In the occasion of Ied-ul Fitr this year, I met and asked him where he works now. He said he works at home taking care of his own's children. While,, as for you to know... He has 4 children and his wife works alone. I don't know what inside their family is, but..I see something burdensome in the eyes and face of his wife.

Another story was from a friend. A husband lives at the house of his parents-in-law, doing nothing (without working).....meanwhile...his wife works in another town. What a view...! Mm. 

In my country and I guess also many other countries, there's no caste or level of society in marriage. But when it comes to the FAMILY of WIFE more capable than the FAMILY of HUSBAND ...OR.... WIFE earns more,,,,

WILL it really become a problem in their future?
If it DEPENDS on something, what is that?
Do you have any stories about such a case??

Every premise is an option. Here I just want to hear your opinion. Thank you very much. :)


Let's keep striking while the iron is hot!
Let's KEEP WRITING while MyEC is NOT in trouble! :D

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Menarik Onee Chan! Istri saya mempunya  lebih bayak uang dari saya. My Wife has money, she does not mind giving me when I need.  

Sir Dara, you don't need to tell about your own story, anyway. :) But it's okay. You're so lucky. :)

Thank you for your comment and like.

Ini yan sebenarnya. Her money was a big inheritance from her father. But luckily, we are leading normal life, thanks to God. 

Well, my dearest sister,

I don't know what to say on this topic which is far away from my practical experience. To me a husband should earn for a whole family while a wife takes up responsibility to maintain tranquility at home. I prefer complete homely woman to working woman. Now you can guess from my comment what my opinion is about it.

I disagree with the idea that a woman should be kept at home 'to maintain tranquility and take up responsibilities of household' because working is not necessary only just for earning money but also keeping oneself healthy materially and mentally be it a woman or a man. Taking care of children and doing the same things every day are stressful, a woman needs to change environment to release from everyday stressful routine. Such 'stereotypes' about keeping women at home are the matter of cultural diversity. In my opinion balance must be kept in a family of any duty. :)

Hi EC member

It is actually a choice. I agree with you about healthy mentally. I guess you mean communicating with people (not gossiping) which make a woman healthy mentally. Reading is also good. Woman can still use their talent as long as it is not too far since her main duty is educating children. Yeah, I can call this balance. :)

No one should get stressed in the family. Thank you for sharing your view. ^^

Hello Onee

The man who sits idle at home, and his wife is forced to make a living, he is exploiting his wife.

Hi Onee...
I prefer mom to take care of the kids, however sometimes here u can come across couples, where woman earns much more than a man and is also sort of ambitious. In such cases man is at home with a baby and she works and earns money. Anyway... maybe it should be fair like 50% with mom and 50% with dad because then such baby has no idea, who is his/her dad, since he is all the time at work. It is everybody's free choice BUT if a man is lazy to get a job and woman has to do it instead of him, then I would slap such idiot!
Hahaha I agree with you. A husband's duty is to feed his family. And a wife can help her husband to gain more money not to be the main worker at home.

Yeah, Diah. I agree with Luci's comment though the last words is a little harsh. :D :D

I mean that, the main worker shouldn't be a wife. ^^ Thanks for your comment. 

Well I've just spent a few days with my kids in the beach while my wife stayed in charge of the the business hehe... Hope you don't see it so weird or that I'm a abusive husband :D
This case need more observes, we can't get a conclusion by just looking at the surface.

Many families, have similar condition. a wife has/earns more money but they still happy. But in case the man absolutely  not working n harness his wife, i thougt he is a very...very useless husband


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