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Has the world changed?? Still, I can't believe it. I can only take a deep breath.

A man had married years ago. He worked for the family, but he earned less than his wife. In the occasion of Ied-ul Fitr this year, I met and asked him where he works now. He said he works at home taking care of his own's children. While,, as for you to know... He has 4 children and his wife works alone. I don't know what inside their family is, but..I see something burdensome in the eyes and face of his wife.

Another story was from a friend. A husband lives at the house of his parents-in-law, doing nothing (without working).....meanwhile...his wife works in another town. What a view...! Mm. 

In my country and I guess also many other countries, there's no caste or level of society in marriage. But when it comes to the FAMILY of WIFE more capable than the FAMILY of HUSBAND ...OR.... WIFE earns more,,,,

WILL it really become a problem in their future?
If it DEPENDS on something, what is that?
Do you have any stories about such a case??

Every premise is an option. Here I just want to hear your opinion. Thank you very much. :)


Let's keep striking while the iron is hot!
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In my family,, I and my hubby must work together. I mean : if I take care of my little baby then he needs to clean my house....hahahah (joking).

As my custom,, man can work outside and earn money for taking care all his family. Wife can be at home and takes care of the kids. but as for me, I don't like that. I want to "work" and earn money. I don't like the case : stay at home and waiting for money. It's not good.

Oh, I see, Sir Dara. Yes, it's normal if a daughter get inheritance from father. :) You must have known that wife's money is not family's money, but hers. :D So, I think you're so lucky for having a good wife.

I don't think any problem in this case. :)

dara gino said:

Ini yan sebenarnya. Her money was a big inheritance from her father. But luckily, we are leading normal life, thanks to God. 

My dearest brother Arif,

I know very well about your comment and principle. Thank you for the comment since you don't dare to opine when you're not experienced. :D You know well it's not about a working woman, but what problem could happen in the future in case she earns more.

Let me me ask one question if you don't mind to answer....(hope for) What if a wife work at home?? which only spending on her very vacant time?? :)

I also mean to marry a girl whose family is at higher level. A father usually demand much for his daughter. :D :D

arif saeed said:

Well, my dearest sister,

I don't know what to say on this topic which is far away from my practical experience. To me a husband should earn for a whole family while a wife takes up responsibility to maintain tranquility at home. I prefer complete homely woman to working woman. Now you can guess from my comment what my opinion is about it.

Hi Saba,,

In the story I wrote actually there is no compulsion for the wife (but I'm not sure) :D If it is so, yes, it's exploitation. :(( You know I heard more about the story...

"A man like to sit around food stall, smoking and drinking. While his wife sells chickens at the market for a living. The funny story was....she ever said 'I hope he'll be dead soon' :o OMG... LOL...."

Thank you for sharing your view, dear Saba. ^_^

saba said:

Hello Onee

The man who sits idle at home, and his wife is forced to make a living, he is exploiting his wife.

LUCI dear,

I don't like to call people idiot nor agree to slap husband. But I like the last sentence in your comment. LOL..... Maybe I should think deeply about a lazy man before being his wife. :)))

How can children be confused who the father is.....??? LOL...But it's very logical. :D Well, sometimes, it's not a sort of ambitious, but a kind of luck. :))) 

Thank you for sharing your opinion, Luci, awesome mom. :)

LUCInka said:

Hi Onee...
I prefer mom to take care of the kids, however sometimes here u can come across couples, where woman earns much more than a man and is also sort of ambitious. In such cases man is at home with a baby and she works and earns money. Anyway... maybe it should be fair like 50% with mom and 50% with dad because then such baby has no idea, who is his/her dad, since he is all the time at work. It is everybody's free choice BUT if a man is lazy to get a job and woman has to do it instead of him, then I would slap such idiot!

Ohh, Estanis. You always have a special reply. LOL... I believe you're not. You're the big boss there..., isn't it? :D Your wife just love her family. 

Thank you for your comment.

Estanis said:

Well I've just spent a few days with my kids in the beach while my wife stayed in charge of the the business hehe... Hope you don't see it so weird or that I'm a abusive husband :D

Hi Sora li,

Like Arif, I'm not experienced in this matter. But I think it would be no problem if they have mutual understanding. And the wife should not be too ambitious, too.

About a man doing nothing....I can't agree more...LOL.. It's toooooo........ :D

Thank you for sharing your view. Glad to meet you! :)

sora li said:

This case need more observes, we can't get a conclusion by just looking at the surface.

Many families, have similar condition. a wife has/earns more money but they still happy. But in case the man absolutely  not working n harness his wife, i thougt he is a very...very useless husband

Mitran dear,,,beautiful mom.

I agree with a friend that a job of a mom is really great and heavy enough. To take care of and educate her children. You're a great mom, and you're still beautiful. If you don't want to only wait money at home, you can do whatever job but at home. Have you got an idea?? :) (I'm much think about it in the future) :D

Thank you for the like and sharing your view here. :)

mitran said:

In my family,, I and my hubby must work together. I mean : if I take care of my little baby then he needs to clean my house....hahahah (joking).

As my custom,, man can work outside and earn money for taking care all his family. Wife can be at home and takes care of the kids. but as for me, I don't like that. I want to "work" and earn money. I don't like the case : stay at home and waiting for money. It's not good.

Hello Onee,

In our country men don’t want to acknowledges it comfortably, if wife earn more and far about sharing housework or child-rearing responsibilities.The man establishes feeling envious and starts marriage struggle, as a result, some women give up careers and save their marriages. And in some case get divorce.

Dear Onee! It is MY topic as I had such experience. But I'd like to speak about it in general.

The world is changing. In many countries women became equal and independent many years ago. And, women have different way of thinking, it is anatomy. So, very often we can be more successful, especially in science and business as we come up with unconventional ideas. Men are too concervative to think as we do. As a result, we may be more successful at work and earn more. It would be very natural if in such a situation our men take care of just born kids and home while we earn for living. But, they rarely agree, if they are still on the boat. That is why there are so many divorces, childless families, orphans and much more. And that is why I left my country and moved to America where men consider me as equal, but still want to provide for our family

Hi Onee

I know a woman in our neighborhood whose husband didn't work and she worked hard to make a living. In addition, she did all the housework and took care of kids. After 15 years, he divorced her husband and asked him to leave her house. The man went to his parents house, but they didn't let him live with them, too.He was alone with no money, shelter, wife and kids.

My dearest sister, Onee-chan

I am glad to know that you know my principles and much more about me. It seems to me as if you are older member than you mentioned in your blog.

Now come to your query:-

If wife earns more than husband, father of wife demands more, right? In my country, most parents reject working woman no matter how much she ears. Even men prefer homely women to working woman. Resultantly, parent of working woman worry about future life of their daughter. It is not the matter of complexity of inferiority or superiority, but modesty, shyness, and hijab. Shyness and modesty of women after commencement of work fades away. The working wife rarely pays regard to the sensitivity of her husband and comes up to his marital requirement.

Second, it depends on their mutual understanding. If wife boast of herself upon her higher salary or disrespect him for having less salary, it may cause problem for their marital life. It's because, this issue is unresolved.


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