Hello there.

It's been months since I last saw music player on my personal page. Why has it been removed ?

- Well, in my opinion one of reasons could have been uploading non English songs which is against of some rules ------- > ENGLISH ONLY ,but this option can be modified, where members could upload only English songs. As a teacher I think listening to English songs is one of effective ways to improve one's listening skill. I used to enjoy listening to songs uploaded by EC members while chatting or doing some other activities.

What's your opinion about this change? :)

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you are completely right, I agree with you

Thank you, Snow White. :)

Do you see it now?

Yes I do. Thank you Sir. :)

Actually, I don't use it anymore. So, I didn't notice that.

Thanks, Mr.Josef, for providing that feature again. :)

Thanks EC Member, for sharing the discussion. :)

You are welcome Onee-chan. Thank you. :)


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