Is it for fun ? What can a novel tell us or add to our experience as humans?
Who are ur favorite authors and unforgettable titles ? What are the thoughts and lessons that u get out of a novel reading . Let's discuss it here together my friends . However , when speaking about myself I can tell many things , but the most important lesson is that " the unity and similarity of the human experience , wether in the Amzon jungles or Dubia skyscrapers , deep inside we are equal and without classification or labels "  


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    Dear Onee-chan    , 

Some people think that reading novel is a time loss , while they are ignorant of how much they can get out of reading novels . They are a pure and sincere reflection of human experience in different kinds of levels . In novels special the ones writing by professional writers you can find not only a serious of events leading to the clamix but deep philosophy and real history . I have read more than 100 novels in my language and Russian novels are my favorite . But I will tell you about my first novel , which was a complex love story between an artist who lost his hand in the Alegria fight aganist France .
Painting was his refugee and his beloved women resembles the whole nations he was defending years ago . I like the author Ahlam Mostagnami and consider her to be my mentor :)



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