Is it for fun ? What can a novel tell us or add to our experience as humans?
Who are ur favorite authors and unforgettable titles ? What are the thoughts and lessons that u get out of a novel reading . Let's discuss it here together my friends . However , when speaking about myself I can tell many things , but the most important lesson is that " the unity and similarity of the human experience , wether in the Amzon jungles or Dubia skyscrapers , deep inside we are equal and without classification or labels "  


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Hi Rosemary!

Let me try to answer to your question :)

I guess, we read novels to distract our minds from sometimes boring, sometimes sad, sometimes stressful world and to dive into the ocean of unexplored thoughts!

Reading novels can add to our experience such things as: The way of thinking of other people, the things/places that we have never seen and etc!

Is this collection of novels yours? :)

   Hi  , how are  u Roman  . No, it isnt my collection   ,  u have inspired  me to show mine 

        Thanks for  showing  ur point of view my friend  , I wish if u can tell us about famous novelist  from ur country  as well so all of us can share things in English and make benefits of what other people say or might have experienced  :)

Hi Rosemary!

I am fine, thanks :)

I hope you are doing great!

I am sorry to say that I haven't read any modern Ukrainian novel.

'Why does the wind blow?''

To escape from reality... so you can say books are like drugs.

   They give us more understanding of our reality  , don't u agree  Mary that some writers have the talent to make us understand  ourselves  better.  Know what's really beyond our behaviors  or explain things  we can't express  about ourselves 

If only.

Hi, Rosemary. I like reading books. It gives me a simulated experience that I can't experience in real life and knowledge. As for English books, I can't read difficult books yet, so I read easy and famous books for children. However they are interesting.

  Thanks for being here Tam  :)  about reading  English  books and high forms  of literature  they are difficult  even for native  . U can read summaries  of these pieces and get the whole benefit of them with some quotes  . As u have mentioned  reading stimulate  the experience  I think it also makes  us feel younger  and fill our minds with energy  :) 

Exercising your imagination, expanding your vocabulary and exploring humanity is not a waste of time. Now if you read harlequin novels, or sub standard commercialized crap then yes, it is a waste of time. Reading real literature, by any of the classic and timeless authors is well worth the time.

    That  absolutely  right  :) 

Dear Rosemary,

Why do I read novels? I read novels to take a lesson about life without having experience. So,

What is the unforgettable one? It is Billy 24-multiple personality, Indonesian version.

What I got? I like psychology. So, this gave me a lot of information how to understand people who has multiple personality. There are also many terms I have just known from reading this novel. It's a thick book, I don't remember how many pages, and it's not easy to understand as it is serious psychological non-fiction novel. But I can finished it in one month. I read this before joining MyEC, I just know that he died in December 2014.

Thank you so much for this nice discussion.

What is your most unforgettable novel, Rosemary? :)


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