Some years ago, they were selling toothpaste tubes barely, without being packaged into small boxes too, but not any more. I wonder why. Is it really because customers would prefer angular boxes? Or is it because store would love to lay them to stacks? Or maybe, they try to liven up economy, by producing more unnecessary garbage?

I remember, first they had moved the non angular toothpaste tubes, to lover shelves at supermarket, to make them harder to reach.. I had to squat to get it. But then, about year or two ago, they pretty much disappeared.

Yesterday I checked in one hypermarket and one supermarket. There was only one brand of toothpaste without box.. And that one was a bit too expensive brand for me.

How is it in your country? Do they have toothpaste only in small boxes, or in pare tubes too?

Which one you prefer. The boxed one, or just tube? ...

I hate the way they pack everything. The boxes are not the worst, there are much worse packages. But it is still unnecessary garbage. You buy it, take to home, take the product out from it, and throw it away. And then, you bay second time for it, for recycle, or at least for garbage truck to bring it away.. It seems so stupid.

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I think that hypermarket is bigger.

oh! I see.

Thank you.      :)


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