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Why do people who are cooking can not eat satisfactorily?

I am a mother. I am the one who is cooking for all always. But I can't eat well. I felt my stomach is filling after cook. Recently, I came to know the answer. I want to discuss it with you all. It will trigger you thinking about the person who is cooking in your house. 

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I'm not the person who usually make the meal but when I do it have no that problem.
You might taste the meal too much when cooking :D
Why don't you try to be served the meal by other member of the family? I mean someone else cook instead of you for a season.


Perhaps the smell of the food affects your appetite.

Thanks for your reply Saba and Estanis. Actually, the smell of food attract others to eat. when we go the kitchen in hungry, if the food is being prepare there, the smell will increase our hunger. Sometimes, we don't have hunger, the taste of food will make us to eat. Like that way, the smell triggers the person's stomach many time. But he/she ignores that. After that the brain decided to remove the command of eating and also the smell will satisfy. So, the person who is cooking can't eat very well. I want to say people please take care of your family member, who is cooking for you. 


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