Only a few weeks and the world cup tournament will start in Russia. Do you have any idea who is going to be the winner? The last time, the cup went to Europe by the German team. This time, will it go to Asia, South or North America, or Africa?

Taking the last continent, The Egyptians are opening their eyes wide open and their appetite is healthy after the good news of their striker, Mohammed Salah as being the best player in England for this year 2018. The Nigerians, Moroccans, and the Senegalese. All of the previous teams want to win the cup.

I talked to my friend, Stranger In The Night about it yesterday, but he convinced me that the team is made of eleven players. There are many teams that compete forcefully to get that cup. The Argentinians, the Germans and of course, Brazil.  

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In my opinion, European teams are more likely to win the World Cup, such as: Spain, Germany, Portugal, France, England and Belgium and the two South American teams: Argentina and Brazil. It will hardly appear a selection of another continent that can win. It sounds logical.

porke PGM? We do not have faith in our team Brazil. I am not Brazilian, but I want Brazil to win. Two or three strikers like Neymar can make the difference, don't you think? Thanks for your frank opinion. 

Sincerely my dear, Brazil is not the favorite, although it has a team in a position to win, but the last World Cup taught us to have moderation. Many selections have evolved and those I have indicated have full conditions to win. We've been the best in the world, proven, but not today. I'm Brazilian but realistic. Honestly, I do not believe that Brazil is a winner.

Muito obrigado Pgm! The difference between you and me is that I am too sentimental. You are a pragmatic man. I am the one who likes one player. I always forget about the other ten players in the playground. Honestly, I am a fanatical admirer of Neymar. I am thinking that if our team is having two or three like him, Brazil will win the cup. Thanks for speaking with reality and not like me following fantasies.   

First of all, it's good to talk to you. You are a wise man too, and fantasy is part of life. We are human. About Brazilian football, I am now 68 years old. When I turned 9, on June 29, 1958, the day of my birthday, Brazil was world champion football for the first time. It was quite a party. There came to the world the fabulous Pele and no less infernal, Garrincha. Pelé was 17 years old and was already consecrated as the king of soccer. Ai Brazil presented its credentials to the world of soccer and had an uncontested dominion until 1970.
For your information: Brazil was not defeated once in that field had together Pelé and Garrincha.
In 1982 it formed an unforgettable selection but that did not win and after this, the Brazilian soccer changed much.
I assure you that I lived in Brazil in a phase of exceptional players and as abundant as in the era of Pelé and Garrincha. But we had Rivelino, Jairzinho, Gerson, Dirceu Lopes, Ademir da Guia, Nilton Santos, Djalma Santos. Recent players like Ronaldo and Ronaldinho, Kaka, Rivaldo we no longer have. Everything here was in excess and of quality. We do not have this anymore. Neymar is a good player but I believe he will never be a Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi. This is not going to happen. Wait for my prediction. Love football

Obrigado, muito obrigado Pgm. I will not answer you now. I am going to take my family out. You really reminded me of the golden era of Brazil. Did you know that Revelino used to score from the centre of the field? wait, let me answer you later. My kids are waiting for me. You gave me a history which I like to see and listen to. Those Brazilians were musicians. They gave us marvellous symphonies. Thanks for this nice intervention. Did you know that I cried when the Germans beat us last time?  

I no longer watch football. I stopped watching football many years ago because it stresses me. For me, no African or Asian team can win the wolrdcup. Only Brasil or a team from Europ can win.

Alash Youssef? The Moroccan team is good. Look at Muhammad Salah  from Egypt. He is the best player in England for 2018. The Japanese team is very strong, the Australians, and many other Asian teams. Thanks Youssef.

Africa and Asia don't have strong competions like Champion league. 

Miziyan wa lakin,  it is not impossible. Believe me, they can do. Did you expect Muhammed Salah  to be the best player in England? Did you  know Rabah Madger, that famous Algerian player? It is true that it has never happened before, but it  can happen. Thanks Youssef for your comment.


Alash ya Zzina? The German took it last time. Why not Spain?  I hope to be one of your friends. Thanks for your one word comment.


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