Throughout our life, we always fear to lose the people we love.

Sometimes I wonder if there is anyone who is also afraid of losing me? Of course, there are our parents, our children on that list....but...Who you think are the people who care about your presence in their life yet? How can we understand that they do care?

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Hi O.M.!

I think we can hardly know it until we go far from them, maybe we need to die first.

However, I can guess it. It's my close friends, especially my university friends. They helped me crazily when I was in a big trouble.

Maybe even include my online friends.

It's not an easy question. :D I just think what if the question is otherwise. 

Thank you so much for starting this discussion.

Dear, I think we  all will be missed by the people whom we do contact regularly if we go away! Tell me will not you miss me?! Hahaha....okay, yes, close ones always fear to lose, these close ones are our parents, spouses/lovers, kids, close friends, close condition is much more worse..I even feel bad if I need to change my home staff who was not so bad! I like to remember a lot of people...I want them in my life and I do not want to lose them! In addition I miss my net friends too if they do not show up for rather long.....Stay fine always!

Uffff!!! What difficult questions, dear Olga!
We can talk about ourselves and describe our thoughts and feelings. But it is too hard too see everything with eyes of others.
"Who you think are the people who care about your presence in their life yet?"
I think it is people who are always beside you. Who will always stay with you in your good and bad situations. Look around and you will see them. They are always accompany you and value each day spent with you.
"How can we understand that they do care?"
You don't need to understand that, dear. You can feel their care always, in any their acts, in communication, even in sights and smiles.
Believe me, people who really care and really love you are afraid to lose you as you do.

You know, dear Olga, as for me one good turn deserves another. That is If someone values your existence and is afraid to lose connection with you why shouldn't repay good with kindness?
I really like this saying:

Also, I would like to add If people really care of you they will never leave you alone no matter what. 

My pleasure, dear Olga! 

Maybe I'll truly know if they ever loose me.

Perhaps any old forbidden love or impossible relationship :D

Hi again!

Actually there are people around us  who care us, like us, even we may call it a kind of love what they have or feel for us but I think sometimes we just become indifferent towards them, we do  think ( of course it is our fault!) they do not care for us! But, yes, there are also some people whom we know but they do not care for us so there are both types of people. Personally I feel for the people whom I know, I like to smile, I like to say some words when they need or do not need at all. I like to see happy faces too..if I see people are gloomy, unhealthy, even if I know they do not get any good job ....all makes me unhappy no matter if I  know them personally or not! I love to see people happy, energetic, industrious....successful....uffff I know, I know I have lost the but who cares and just have patience to bear me!!!

in short, they are my parents and my two sisters :) 

Dear Olga,

We know exactly which people we will miss when they are no longer part of our life.
But we can never be sure about others' feelings. We can only hope and wish that we have given so much love to all those who have been and who are still important to us in life, that they will miss us and our love when we leave them.

I don;t know for sure who will gonna miss me once I die... but it must be my parents and brother who will miss me so much cause we have spent a lot of time together, living under the same roof.. the others maybe my closest friends. 

Childhood friends, best friends, best lovers, share the same class ... Share the same thoughts , but they may never be together!

Destiny laughed & friendship, love both cried in the corner

That's why iam not afraid of loosing people.


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