Throughout our life, we always fear to lose the people we love.

Sometimes I wonder if there is anyone who is also afraid of losing me? Of course, there are our parents, our children on that list....but...Who you think are the people who care about your presence in their life yet? How can we understand that they do care?

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When we started visiting USA, in the beginning we used to come here turn by turn, my wife or me to accompany him.  When we go back he always got sad and used to say you are leaving me behind alone. Some time he got angry and used to say ok you do not come here at all. Then he got married, and my wife also got settled in USA got job, I was back there in Karachi, (do not want to come), but he insisted me to come and live with him.  Finally I came and send my resignation to where I was working. Again now whenever I say I want to go back he does not allow me.  

This may be looked like a family story, but in it you can see the answer to your curiosity, doesn't it?


Yes Olga I am talking about my son.  My daughter is settled back there in Karachi with her husband and a little cute daughter, but we are only her (Maika (Parent's house) which she of course miss a lot though we are in contact with her daily by cell, whatsapp and video chat. but she extremely MISSES the visiting her parents'.  My eldest brother (her uncle) is living in our house, so she visit him.   

Hi O.M

I have friends but I don't know If they care about my presence or not and I never dare to ask them directly :D.

I can guess if someone cares they try to keep in touch with you without any excuses. They make plans to go out with you or keep texting and calling you time to time. This is the only way to understand they do care. Because without their actions we can't understand, who cares and loves us. 

Yes, OM I agree that could be the reason. Fear of rejection or unexpected answer. 

Most welcome OM :)

I would like to see this in different way. You start loving everybody even your enemy(After a few days you will not have an enemy because you start loving everybody). Then Believe in Newton's third law. Every action should be an opposite reaction. 

All people started loving you. Then everybody will be important for everyone. Then you can't believe to lose anyone and anyone can't lose you too. 

the only person I can think would be afraid I go the other neighborhood beside my relatives is a friend to who I owe him money, I guess

Don't care. I live alone, I die alone. End of story.

Well, O.M., I don't think I'm cold-hearted. Not at all! But too much pressure will always accomplish that people are running away. Who wants to be manipulated and controlled all the time? I don't. :-/

Thanks for your nice topic. Greetings!

Hi Olga ! 

To care or not to care , this is the question . :D 

Since I don't know the answer of the question you asked  I decided to disappear for some days to know who cares it . :D 

Maybe others think that something is wrong but maybe they think of the absence of the cat on the wall or the bird on the tree they used to hear its sound , but not  the absence of mine for sure . 


Everyone who appreciates you

When two people meet, even briefly, both are affected in some way by the meeting. Losing anyone we love or care for is always sad, however, we are also reminded that one day we will go on our final journey too. So, we lose the people we care about and are reminded of our own mortality.

Mark Twain said, "We should all endeavour so to live our lives that, when we die, even the undertaker will be sad." It is very good advice.


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