Throughout our life, we always fear to lose the people we love.

Sometimes I wonder if there is anyone who is also afraid of losing me? Of course, there are our parents, our children on that list....but...Who you think are the people who care about your presence in their life yet? How can we understand that they do care?

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I would like to see this in different way. You start loving everybody even your enemy(After a few days you will not have an enemy because you start loving everybody). Then Believe in Newton's third law. Every action should be an opposite reaction. 

All people started loving you. Then everybody will be important for everyone. Then you can't believe to lose anyone and anyone can't lose you too. 

Yeah, ap suku, that sounds to be so great but kind of utopia )) If only everybody were important to everyone...I wish I could see that world ))

Thank you so much for dropping in ))

the only person I can think would be afraid I go the other neighborhood beside my relatives is a friend to who I owe him money, I guess

Wow...I have to say, Moloko,  that you made me laugh...and that does work this way as well ))) 

I have never thought about it, but this is so true )))

Thank you for participating )))) 

Don't care. I live alone, I die alone. End of story.

Oh, NotAClue )). The shortest story ever. ))) I wish I would not care either. I have to learn how to be more cold-hearted...

Thank you for your answer.

Well, O.M., I don't think I'm cold-hearted. Not at all! But too much pressure will always accomplish that people are running away. Who wants to be manipulated and controlled all the time? I don't. :-/

Thanks for your nice topic. Greetings!

Hi Olga ! 

To care or not to care , this is the question . :D 

Since I don't know the answer of the question you asked  I decided to disappear for some days to know who cares it . :D 

Maybe others think that something is wrong but maybe they think of the absence of the cat on the wall or the bird on the tree they used to hear its sound , but not  the absence of mine for sure . 


Darius, Hi!

Glad to see you here taking part in the discussion)))

You know, once I did exactly as you say (though, the reason was obviously different). The result was that many people just got mad with me and didn't want even to talk to me. I wonder whether they were worried about me or about their ego?? LoL ))

Everyone who appreciates you

Youssef )))

Thank you for coming, haven't seen you for ages )). It is...wise I think. If we appreciate people..we are afraid to lose them...

I don't know really who is afraid to lose me. But, I am certain that ma parent for sure who will do...



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