Countries are differ from one country to another.Many people can not bear to visit foreign countries,because they have no time or they have no money.If you have the opportunity to visit a foreign country which country would like to visit?why?

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Netherland , spain & usa
Netherland , spain & usa

Turkey , Spain , Saudi Arabia (for religion reason ) and Thailand

Dear Mohamed brother, this is very nice discussion and my lovely topic...of course, every country has own beauty, but there are some countries I would like to travel mostly..firstly, I would like to travel Edinburg for my education, then of course Saudia Arabia for visiting to Makkah..After for taking pleasure, I would like to travel Turkey, Russia, and etc..Thanks Mohamed for nice discussion)

I've been to many foreign countries, but still want to visit the Philippines, Thailand and also return to China. I visited Shanghai for only a day, so I'd like to visit for longer and have a look at various cities and famous sites eg, the Great Wall of China.

your selection is China? giggling~

 Hi dear,

I coudn't make my desicion which country i like more to visit, so here is my wish...

I love cycling around the world, visiting countries & their interesting places, getting familiar with people.

I prefer to start from Turkey, then through European countries like France, UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Scandinavians', Spain, Italy, Portugal,….

Then having a visit of African countries would be nice, especially Kenya that I've heard they speak English as well as an English. I can't forget the Egypt with those attractive pyramids that remind me of some people with extraordinary abilities. But in some other countries, you avoid entering the countries which have civil war don't you?

So, after that I'll continue my journey towards America both northern & southern. I would enjoy staying in the US & visiting my compatriots there. During my visit of Southern American countries I like to have a talk to old natives about their credos.

Finally I'll be back to Asia and some countries I really like to visit. Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, India,…. .

By the way, I've nearly forgotten Australia and the Irus Hill where there is a hyper energy place.

I promise to buy a nice souvenir for each friend of mine in EC.

What a nice plan! If you were a travel agent, I'd like to take part in. :)

Count me in please :)

I promise to buy a nice souvenir for each friend of mine in EC. Can I be your friend? giggling~ ;-)

Europe :D

first of all I must say thank you for your discussions.I think anybody would like to visit a forign country although living in a country for a while has appropriate problems.i myself desire to visit london .why? I am not sure but when I see this city in movies and its intersting places I like to have a trip to london and of course it helps me to improve my english language and learn more about its people's culture...


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