Which food do you prefer,resturant food or home food?

In our modern life,people are prefer to eat at resturants.Other people prefer to prepare and eat food at home.Which you prefer and why?

Resturant food

Home food

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Hi, the picture makes me hungry :-)

anyway, I prefer to home food because we know how it was cooked, the materials, and more hygiene. but sometimes we need to go to the restaurant to find a new atmosphere

I prefer to have dinner with my family instead of eating out... But you know sometime u have to meet with ur friends... So u have to do so...I'd like to prepare food at weekend...enjoying the time with my kids...
Hi...the pics from Chinese restraunt ...right?

I would rather eat food at home than restaurant because my mom can making some food whatever I want, beside it I can cook by myself to make my food more health than restaurant foods ;D

I prefer eating at home because it is not just the cheaper choice, but also the healthier one. When food is prepared and cooked in your own kitchen, you will be sure how it is processed and what ingredients are used. Also, you can adjust the taste of your food according to your personal preference at home, unlike when you eat outside.

I mostly prefer to cook and eat at home, but sometimes I treat myself with eating out.

yes, I treat myself by eating out because Persian dishes take a lot of time to get ready and since I cook every day and cooking seems never ends. So, some times I need to take a break and someone else cooks for me so that I can enjoy my time too. However, I really like cooking and I don't mind doing it. And some times, I like to try different foods from different countries so in that case, I only can go to those restaurants.

I Prefer Homme Food, more hygienic, more seasoning, and cooked to your liking. ;). Obiously if you have time to cook. ;)

Yes that's right. Jajajajajja ''...eating the delyvery man.''

I think we should to cook at home. If you cook meal at home, you have some profit:

- You know exactly what you put into your meal.

- Cooking  at home is cheaper than eating at restaurant and you don't need to tip IoI.

- Eating at home is healthy, hygiene

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm, love it!!! Guess what?

Right... It's a photo of my mom's cooking, I love home food specially mom's, cuz it's so so so delicious, tasteful and HEALTHY, mom is very careful about our health and she always tries 2 cook with natural materials and this kind of cooking is too time consuming... So, all of them r enough 4 me 2 choose home food and I should say, my family and I go 2 restaurants or fast foods rarely, just 4 diversion...

Thank you my dear friend 4 this delicious discussion ;-)

Oh dear friend, I'm too sorry 4 being late 2 read this discussion... :-(

U r right, all of people love their mom's cooking ;-) and I really wanna be a great cook (like my mom) 2 catch my dreamy guy's heart... :-) :-) :-) (tell ur daughter try this way cuz I'm sure it's really gonna work)


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