Which food do you prefer,resturant food or home food?

In our modern life,people are prefer to eat at resturants.Other people prefer to prepare and eat food at home.Which you prefer and why?

Resturant food

Home food

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actually i prefer home made food. but some times it depends on  how free im i prepare different delicious dishes which my mom cooks.. But when there is no time.... and also my mom is  on a trip , I am obliged to go to restaurants.but i think we should, know how to choose our restaurant coz the restaurant foods may be unclean and suffer different types of bacterium and viruses resulting in different kinds of sickness.

modaway, you give me such a difficult question~

I can't make a choice, I prefer the more scrumptious one, whether it's made in restaurant or at home~

giggling~ ;-)~

In general, I prefer the food made at home though sometime I miss dishes in some restaurants I often drop by, especially for breakfast. I don't know how you have breakfast in Egypt but in Vietnam, in urban areas, we almost have breakfast at restaurants (the very small restaurants/ pavement vendors), this is a cultural feature in our country. From such vendor's dishes, a lot of Vietnamese food have become famous all over the world like Pho nuddle, Lumpia (Spring rolls), etc..

I prefer eating at home. Because my mother is a good cook, she cooks many delicious for us when I stay at home. Now, I'm living far from home, I still cook for myself, I never eat out. Eating at a restaurant is very expensive for me. Anyways, I like eating with my family, and also cooking for my family. :))))

ur welcome my friend..but u know i prefer delicious food which my mom cooks..hehe i like every delicious food

most of the times - home foods and some times - restaurant foods...

From the point of view of Health, Home food is preferable to me....But in the convenient point of view, Restaurant is the better choice...And with regard to "Taste" aspect, it depends on the type of food....I would like to have Breakfast in the home only but for Dinner I love Restaurant Food.... There are some food which are very difficult to prepare at home...then no other go, we have to go to Restaurant...

But though i find almost all of the other members had preferred eating Home Food....I strongly feel that Restaurant food attracts everybody, and of course we cannot afford for it daily....


Thanks for the wonderful topic for discussion and ur nice comment for my reply...

Restaurant food liking, its depends who is paying the bill LOL.
I like restaurant food but not daily basis, once or twice a month is good. I also like to eat at home because my wife is a good cook, I think she belives in a famous quotation
"The way to a man's heart is through his stomach".
When my wife came in my life, she was not a good cook but with the help of mine and her father in law's, she become a good cook beacauce I and my father are best "back seat drivers". LOL.

i prefer to home food. because my grandmother's cooking is really delicious. i like cooking too, and sometimes make an experiment to my food....:)

Well it's a matter of Gud Health so I prefer home foods bcz I always care about my Health so it's a satisfaction 4 me bcz  Restaurants full of spicy not provide quality 

Normally, I have preference for home food. I love to eat food with my family watching dramma or show program on TV, though sometimes I can't help having dinner at a restaurant because of busy work. However, we go out for dinner on special day. From time to time we need a change of atmosphere.


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