Which food do you prefer,resturant food or home food?

In our modern life,people are prefer to eat at resturants.Other people prefer to prepare and eat food at home.Which you prefer and why?

Resturant food

Home food

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Hi Angela I am Taghi from Iran I am boy and I enjoy eating yogurt with a kind of plant that grow in mountain in wild form please say to me about your country I like konw about yours.

home or restaurant; the matter is this: Quality 

I meant exactly that YOU pointed.

home or restaurant no differ, where the quality is . surly Home's food has high quality if you be a good skilful cook like your mom :)  and if not, eating in unique restaurants is better more.


It goes without saying that men are much better cooks than women. I do cooking, but I must admit I prefer when somebody else of my family has done it, my husband or daughter... Our son will start hospitality course this autumn at the college, so really looking forward to delicious meals.

Home made food or restaurant? Home food for everyday use- I like vegetable stews and fresh salads, always prepare in advance for next day lunch at work.

When nobody wants to do cooking we go for a meal to the pub, just cross the road- there you can get good food for reasonable price.

Restaurant... it's not so much about filling your stomach, it's an adventure. Special atmosphere, pleasure. We go to our favourite restaurant once in about two or three months .

And I don't think it's sooo bad, if the girl doesn't like cooking, there are so many exciting things to do, and the life is too short to do everything. :)

most of the times I would like to take my foods from Home and some times I wish to take it from Restaurant 

I prefer to prepare and eat at home while I am alone at home , but when i am with friends I prefer to eat in restaurant.

I prefer home cooked food because then I know what is in it.

Good topic

Home food sure!!the better

I love home food, why we have no idea how they are cooked. The food in restaurant is more spicy, which may negatively be affected to your stomach 

Eastern food made by eastern wife. How delicious food it will be, won't it? (^_^)

Thank you for the interesting topic, Modaway. If I were good at cooking, I'd prefer home cooked food as I would enjoy the process of preparing and cooking food for family or friends, I guess. :D

Certainly, it's home cooked food. Though I see taking quite a lot of time for cooking but it's obviously more delicious and safer for our heath.


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