These days I use Chrome on my Mac. I find Google Chrome to be much quicker than IE. When I first started using Chrome I enjoyed the speed but found that some sites or programs didn't work properly. These days Chrome works well most of the time.


I switched from Internet Explorer (IE) because it used to always crash on me and I felt that it always needed to be upgraded. It could have just been a problem with my old laptop.


Sometimes I use Safari, but it feels a bit foreign to me. It was the default browser for my Mac when I first switched from a PC. I didn't give it a chance. 


Do you have a favourite browser? What do you like about it? Which browser do you NOT like?


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I personally use Google Chrome too, but my company uses IE (version 7, not version 8) because of Intra-net or of Web-programmed company sites to be internally used by all the staff around the world.

However, I also use Opera Browser as well, which I've found it good. So I often use one to another, or at the same time, as both of them are definitely better and faster than IE.

I love chrome :)

It works best for my snail-speed connection LOL ^^"

Oh..I've tried Opera in my friend's machine and I quite like it too :)

I don't like Firefox. I find it the slowest.. :/

No the slowest is mc explorer:)))

Good topic!

I've got three browsers on my laptop, but only Huohu worked properly when I tried to browse this new version of MyEC. Both IE and 360 failed. So, I guess some of the MyEC members may be still having trouble browsing new MyEC. I know the new version can be very strange (not reader-friendly) on some of the browsers. That could be a problem - some of the members may be so disappointed.

Thanks Expector! What is 360?


It would be great if members experiencing problems with IE (Internet Explorer) or other browsers could upload screen shots showing the problem. Please be sure to state the name and version of the browser and your operating system (Windows Vista, Mac OS X etc).

I prefer the best one out of from worst. Apparently it's Firefox. I call it best one since I'm used with it and it works fine without requiring my attention too often. But it's still one of worst, because there are only worst to chose between, with not a single best.


I have had forced to change my default browsers many times, since some buggy versions and updates. It's always been very painful. The worst was to switch from Opera. I had got used with Opera, it was so powerful, but unfortunately it was also so buggy.


I loved Konqueror, but there were times, when I was unable to get some version of flash-player working in it... I loved it, since it's very universal and powerful. It's not just web-browser, but thanks to KIO slaves, it's also file browser, ftp client.. it had also konsole integrated.. U could split the window, so that u have both web browser and file browser in same window or whatever other things that it was compatible with.. and same time also konsole too in that same window, where to input linux commands... It was so comfortable to work with...... Oh well, I better shut up now, before I get too heated.... :P

Huohu = Firefox
I never used Chrome. Currently I'm using Firefox 3.6.13 and I liked it. It's much better than IE 8.

Hi Josef,

I use Window XP. My IE is an old version (IE 6.0), which could be the reason why I failed to get the nice new look of MyEC on my computer. Now, I use Huohu (firefox) and the new version looks perfect on it.

360 browser is the default browser of an anti-virus sofeware called 360.

Hi dear Tara, 

My favorite browser is like yours, Google Chrome. As you stated, it's faster esp. for kinds of people like me which need to have many tabs simultaneously to switch from one to another. Sometimes, I need to search for some stuff and it's why I need to open many tabs. Also I need online dictionaries, so I open a new tab so fast and easily and I can have it there by me :)

But sometimes, as you also said, this poor browser gets mad with my many tabs, but this rarely happens and I am really pleased with my browser. IE really walks on my nerve since it's too slow for me.

Thanks for the topic.

Good day


Google Chrome works for me, too.  I prefer it over other browsers because I do appreciate its speed.  Whether one is patient or impatient, he likes always a browser which can quicken his works oblivious of the fact that sometimes, internet connection gives a lot of problems.

I still use Safari on my Mac. I used to use IE, but we seem to have had the same problems. I tried Mozilla, because it was recommended by a lot of people, but I could never get the toolbars to work correctly.

From what I've seen, Chrome looks and feels like Safari (just without all my bookmarks!). What are the main differences that you notice?


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