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I really enjoy learning about the culture, and natural beauty of the places you all come from.

Please share in a comment; Where you are from, and your FAVORITE thing(s) about your home country.

I am from Australia, and the thing I love most about my country is the cultural diversity, I also love nature, the fantastic landscapes, and natural beauty.

Now it is your turn.. :)

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I typed a lot about Iran! Ohhhh! But I got disconnected and all disappeared! Ohhhh!!!

OK, let me try to do it again!!! Ohhhh!

First of all, hi Dayne and nice to meet you. Thanks for the good topic.

I am Zahra, and I come from Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iran is also a multicultural country. Different regions have their own, dialects, accents, clothing, culture, climate, natural spots, dishes and fruits, and so on. We have Kurdish, Turkish, Balouch, Fars, Arab, and so on. Our national language is Farsi, though you can find people with different accents and dialects. Some parts speak Kurdish, some other speak Azari [a bit different from Turkish of the country Turkey, I guess], some other speak Arabic. Even those who speak Farsi have their own accent, like Shirazi, Yazdi, Isfahani, Mashhadi, etc.

Iran has a beautiful nature and this is what I die for! We have some beautiful deserts like Kavir and Lout, where days are hot, and at nights though it is extremely cold, you can enjoy a clean sky full of stars. 

We have beautiful seas at north and south. North of Iran is really beautiful. It has Lake Khazar [I can't find its difference with a sea!] and beautiful jungles. South of Iran is mostly hot and humid near the Persian Gulf, but in winters you can enjoy a nice weather as if it is spring. At north west the weather is rather cold and snowy in winters.

Iran's nature is filled with lots of rivers, lakes, springs, green fields, mountains like Damavand, Dena, Sabalan, and so on.

Beautiful tourist attractions are located all over Iran from north to south. At Mashhad, Imam Reza Holy Shrine is located which is not only a religious spiritual place to find peace, but also an Iranian Islamic architectural masterpiece. Shiraz is a four-season beautiful city which is famous for poets like Hafez and Sa'di. It has beautiful gardens like Eram where you can find different sorts of plants. Isfahan has also many tourist attractions like Naghsh-e Jahan square. Tehran is the Capital of Iran where you can find the sixth tallest tower in the world- Milad Tower. Kish is a modern city at south which is near the Persian Gulf and has malls and sea shore to enjoy. Too many other cities which I can not name all here!

In Iran your appetite will improve. We have versatile dishes and desserts;sea food at south and north which are different from one another; at south hot and spicy; at north lots of garlic; each region has its own menu. To name some dishes we can say Kebab, Fesenjan, KalamPolo Shirazi, Vegetable stew, and many other stews.

For sure if you come to Iran you won't miss Kebab with a drink called Doogh.

Let me give the name of some desserts in Iran. Faloodeh Shirazi, cream puffs, Ghottab of Yazd, Gaz of Isfahan, Sohan of Qom and so on. 

Fruits can be find abundantly and as you desire. Don't miss tasting Saveh's pomegranate.

What else? Hmmm....I guess enough for now!

Thanks for the topic.

Sorry if I am too talkative.

Have a nice time.


PS- Do not miss visiting Iran at least once! You'd enjoy it the best.


Wow, I think Iran will be placed rather high on my 'places to visit' list.

That was a fantastic and detailed review of your country, Thank you!

It's so wonderful being here.
I got so many things new by just paying a 5 minutes visit to this topic.

I'm taking turn! Even though I can't explain in detail of my country.
I'm from Indonesia which is well-known of its diversity in culture and what's more is the food!
It tastes spicy and uh! I love spicy food.
Have you heard of "Sate Padang"?
One of my favorite food. Sate means skewer and Padang is the place of its origin. It doesn't mean you can only find Sate Padang in Padang, West Sumatra. You can find Sate Padang in almost the entire cities of Indonesia! I recommend you once you arrive here. hehe!

Awesome, thanks for the advice, and I am glad you have enjoyed the topic!

I am from Vancouver, Canada. What I love (and miss) most about Vancouver is the greenery. It rains a lot in Vancouver, and everything is always so green! When the sun comes out it shows off the beautiful city and mountains. I miss jogging along the waterfront, swimming in the ocean, and hanging out around Granville Island.  In a few more years, we will head home. I can't wait! 


Sri lanka know as a the pearl of the Indian Ocean, because if it pearl shape, located in the south of India.manifold beautiful tropical beaches . the most famous beaches in the south of island.very fumes fames Ceylon Tea and tourist


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