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When you promise your friend to meet somewhere, how many minutes can you tolerate their delay?

When you promise your friend to meet somewhere, how many minutes can you tolerate their delay except for unavoidable circumstances?

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   No one is punctual  here  so , I will wait for half an hour  :) I know it's funny  but people in my part of the world  aren't  punctual   . They arrive  late and leave late in gatherings  

Hi, Rosemary. Thank you for your response.

I guess half an hour, but that's so annoying waiting for someone. We should be punctual. 

Hello, Miss Sarah. Thank you for your response. Yes, waiting for someone without a message is so annoying. 

There are very few things I can't hardly bear but you mentioned one of them. 

Hi, Estanis. Thank you for your response. Do you mean you don't mind their delay? Even if the delay is more than an hour?

To be honest, I dislike unpunctuality. I can't accept except for unavoidable circumstances for a delay of about more than half an hour. Nevertheless, I have to admit to having been waiting even longer, sometimes. It has been depending on the person or the reason for waiting.

Hello, Rose. Thank you for your response. I dislike unpunctuality, too. I think the time waiting for someone with doing nothing is a waste of time.

Arigato Tam! You wouldn't believe me if I told you that we do not care much about an appointment or a rendezvous. Maybe during emergencies yes, we try to meet the person at the proper time. Once my friend promised to meet me at seven. He came at nine the next day. I was not upset. Thanks for sharing.

Hi, Dara. Thank you for your response. Oh, really? It was too late, isn't it?  You were not upset, right? You are tolerant.

No Tam. I detest it.

Hi, Estanis. I am confused with the double negative "I can't hardly bear". Does it mean "I can bear" or "I can't bear"? If it means "I can't bear", "There are very few things I can't hardly bear" means "You don't mind their delay", doesn't it?


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