Hello Dear MyEC Friends,


Can you name one or several things your country famous for?

I am from Turkey and Turkey is famous for Istanbul, Ottoman Empire, any kind of Döner (food), Turkish Ice Cream and Turkish Coffee & Delight. (If I forgot some, please add them Turkish friends :) ...)

How is Turkish Ice Cream served?

Aws & Suhaib --> Jordan

Musti & dia --> Turkey

pisces & Ha Nguyen & Scarlett --> Vietnam

Asma & hafida --> Algeria

Sahar --> Iran

Grace --> Taiwan

Tetyana --> Ukraine

Faheem --> Pakistan

Chandra --> Indonesia

tawfeeq --> Iraq

rema --> Saudi Arabia

Charos --> Uzbekistan

Tara --> Canada

Junco --> Japan

Mark & Syubi ---> United States

U shaikh --> Mumbai (India)

Lucy --> Ecuador

Deepa & Sakshi --> India

mirtha --> Peru

Oriani --> Venezuela

SaLeM --> Yemen

lamlom --> Egypt

Darapheak --> Cambodia

Maggie --> Switzerland

Fidan --> Azerbaijan

Mark --> Australia 

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OMG!! Invite me to your country, PLEASE!!!

Hello Maggie,

Chocolate! OMG! I should come there (with Oriani)! :) Could it be possible that your country's name derived from sweet? (Switzerland = sweet/swit) 

I know about your country's democracy. All the countries must follow you when it comes to governing. 

Thanks for joining...

Hi Yasemin!

I love your little wordgame with my country's name… It's good! After all, because lately this country gets more ugly comments than ever - because of our secure banks, the bank secret, and rich people's hiding of black money there. Which is not good at all, I agree. But they're working at it!

I like this discussion - it's extremely interesting learning about other cultures!

OOH first time to know about ur Policy and this system of Rule !! thank u

Thank you very much for this topic.My motherland is famous with several things.One of them is oil.

National meals

Historical monuments

National music MUGAM

National dance

Hello My Neighbor :)

Thanks for introducing Azerbaijan. We Turkish people love you. :)

We all know about your national dance. You can see that dance on TV anytime. 

Hi Yasemine,

Your topic seem full of various food come from so many country... :)

It's time is the middle of autumn, so, would you like some Vietnam's moon cake ;) it taste very good with some tea...

Girl! Why are you torturing me? Don't you know I love food and when I see those photos I right straightly run to my kitchen! Now, I will gain some more fat because of you!

Great topic Yasemin! :P

Thanks a lot Cute Girl! =P

Australia is famous for the Sydney Opera House, Guy Sebastien and Aboriginal art :).

Hello Mark... Thanks for participating...


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