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Hello Dear MyEC Friends,


Can you name one or several things your country famous for?

I am from Turkey and Turkey is famous for Istanbul, Ottoman Empire, any kind of Döner (food), Turkish Ice Cream and Turkish Coffee & Delight. (If I forgot some, please add them Turkish friends :) ...)

How is Turkish Ice Cream served?

Aws & Suhaib --> Jordan

Musti & dia --> Turkey

pisces & Ha Nguyen & Scarlett --> Vietnam

Asma & hafida --> Algeria

Sahar --> Iran

Grace --> Taiwan

Tetyana --> Ukraine

Faheem --> Pakistan

Chandra --> Indonesia

tawfeeq --> Iraq

rema --> Saudi Arabia

Charos --> Uzbekistan

Tara --> Canada

Junco --> Japan

Mark & Syubi ---> United States

U shaikh --> Mumbai (India)

Lucy --> Ecuador

Deepa & Sakshi --> India

mirtha --> Peru

Oriani --> Venezuela

SaLeM --> Yemen

lamlom --> Egypt

Darapheak --> Cambodia

Maggie --> Switzerland

Fidan --> Azerbaijan

Mark --> Australia 

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I love my india...

my country famous wıth  love of country


I like Turkey, hope will be able to visit it once, I have a friend, she passed her honeymoon there and now she never stops talking about it's beauty of nature :)

Well, my country is Algeria and usually it's known for the date (deglet Noor), it's the kind of dates which everybody loves, besides olives and oil of olives, it's so natural and good for health (caughing...) and many others hope other Algerian members will mention them clearly :)

Yasemin, I really love this blog. Cannot imagine how much money and time I have to spend to get to all those places. It is amazing to know all those places representated by the locals. Hope I could to all those places someday. Beautiful and wonderful. Thanks to all the people here!

nice text.....my country (IRAN)  is famous for its rich history and culture.  and also Iran is famous for being one of the earliest destinations where mankind settled and for its oil production capacity. Iran was one of the greatest empires of the ancient world, which was frequently invaded.and  becoz of famous Persian poets such as Hafiz and Sa’di; .. molana   and etc....... i love my country very much ....

i came from China,
4.Chinese food
5. gongfu
6.Beijing opea

Yes I love my country.My country famous for this temples.I am from Myanmar.

and what those temples for and which era thank u so much i like pics


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