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Hello Dear MyEC Friends,


Can you name one or several things your country famous for?

I am from Turkey and Turkey is famous for Istanbul, Ottoman Empire, any kind of Döner (food), Turkish Ice Cream and Turkish Coffee & Delight. (If I forgot some, please add them Turkish friends :) ...)

How is Turkish Ice Cream served?

Aws & Suhaib --> Jordan

Musti & dia --> Turkey

pisces & Ha Nguyen & Scarlett --> Vietnam

Asma & hafida --> Algeria

Sahar --> Iran

Grace --> Taiwan

Tetyana --> Ukraine

Faheem --> Pakistan

Chandra --> Indonesia

tawfeeq --> Iraq

rema --> Saudi Arabia

Charos --> Uzbekistan

Tara --> Canada

Junco --> Japan

Mark & Syubi ---> United States

U shaikh --> Mumbai (India)

Lucy --> Ecuador

Deepa & Sakshi --> India

mirtha --> Peru

Oriani --> Venezuela

SaLeM --> Yemen

lamlom --> Egypt

Darapheak --> Cambodia

Maggie --> Switzerland

Fidan --> Azerbaijan

Mark --> Australia 

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Thanks Dear Aws,

If you could note your country , it would be better. I know you are from Jordan.

As I told you before, I know Petra. I didn't know about King Hussein. 

What are the ingredients of Almasaf? It looks very very yummy! 

Thanks... I forgot Baklava. :)

Galatasaray? You must be kidding!

Just because one time Galatasaray was European Champion (I am not even sure about this kekeke), does this make it world-wide famous?  

Actually, I was looking for answers telling the most famous things about a country and other countries usually know it. If you start to count all the things Turkey is famous for within itself, you will never finish it. 

I still don't agree Galatasaray is that much famous. It was "a sweet past". :)

Hi Yasemin! this is nice topic:)) 
May I introduces about interesting things in my country ?
I thinking about you will say: OK :))...
there are many interesting things in my country such as : People, Foods, Locations, culture...:).
VietNam is famous for HaNoi, SaiGon, HaLong bay, Phở (food is like noodles)...

phở:))) that delicous :)) 
HAlong bay is one of eight natural wonders of the world ...It really nice and fanciful :))

I living in HoiAn acient city. It is a famous location in VietNam. that acient and friendly... I love this.. if you have chance, welcome you to Hoian.... :))  
....thanks follow :))

The second photo is just spectacular! I am mesmerized!

Everybody is sharing their dish, and I love eating! What will I do? That noodle looks very delicious!

Thanks for joining dear Pisces... 

Pisces, is HaLong a village where the people live under floating houses like what I see in that pic? I have watched a travel show and HaLong seems like what I have seen in that show, just I forgot its name and the pic you shared reminded me again to it. If I ever go to Vietnam, this is the place I want to visit!


yes, it is , Syubidupapap:))...
Ha long is village where Fishmen be living under floating house to convenient for thier jods,Halong is very nice and spectacular.....

I haven't ever come to Halong. :))), But I like it, too...:) if i have chance , i will visist it in the next holliday:)

I wanna add Ao Dai :)

and Banh Chung - our traditional rice cake :)

Your traditional costume is really unique. That's great you are still maintaining your culture. We also have many traditional costumes. But, nobody wears them... almost dead...

Is it pork meat in the rice cake?

The same here, Yasemin. Besides Ao Dai, our country also has some other traditional costumes which are not worn (or seen) popularly, only by some artists in some particular events...

You're right, it's pork meat in the middle of the cake. Next to it is well-kneaded green beans and sticky rice forms the outer layer :)

What an interesting recipe that is, Ha! I am really curious to know how it tastes. Is it common to have this cake or just on special days?


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