...once someone travelled for twenty seven hours from Brisbane (Australia) to spend only thirty hours in Madrid and proposes marriage to a guy before going back to Australia again.  Another guy from my town went bungee jumping from a very high bridge to show love for his girl.

Maybe we're not so crazy to do similar things (or yes) but perhaps you've got tattooed anything for someone or any other thing that you've done when in love. 

Don't be shy and share! ;)

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ohhhh what a nice topic, Mr. Estaniss :D

cant wait to see replies )))

Really? Hmmm.. I wonder why :D

coz I am about to do some crazy things :D

I need some creative ideas :D :D

Oh là là...! I didn't know this side of you haha... great!!
It can be useful but you don't need to take notes, just allow yourself to be carried away by passion, emotion or your own instinct, sometimes the less you think, the most success. In any case congratulations and take advantage of this wonderful feeling, make it last!
Hope you'll like any possible idea anyway :)

hahahhaha ya, ya ...   That's me :D

That bungee jumping that you mentioned, seems interesting .. hmmm....


Love makes people mad and they are ready for everything just to prove their love.
When love is real there is no distance between them and there are no obstacles to stop their feelings.
One man drove 500 km and spent 7 hours in a car at night time just to see his beloved for a few hours and celebrate her Birthday.
I want to share my favorite saying about love:
"When love is not madness, it is not love."
~Pedro Calderon
Thank you, dear Estanis for opening this interesting topic.

So true Svitlana... you also made me remember when I lived in another region and travelled some weekends to meet a special girl, almost half of the time was spent on the trip but those days I thought it was worth hehe...

Your quote caught my attention, is that Calderón de La Barca?

To be honest I don't know who is Pedro Calderon but i really like his quote and totally agree with him. )))

Me too

" the greatest love stories are the uncompleted ones "
He promised that he would endure my bad temper . However , Love is a thing that is upove my capacity to handel . We used to talk together for long hours on an online app . That day we had a rainy storm and as usual , I lost connection with him . I made myself a new account to call him again . At first he replied , but after a while he told to use my old one . I tried to restore it back uselessly . He refused to answer me . I begged him to answer . He didn't
It was the end of everything
I deleted my account and thought that life cycle will continue
I felt nothing at first but soon after I was really broken and was depressed for a week and it was so painful . I wonder if he was feeling the same toward me or not . I wrote some poems in arabic lamenting his love . When I reread them I can't believe that I was the person who wrote them . It's terrible emptiness of missing him forever which created all my tragic expression . I won't love anyone anymore . So , my craziness in love maybe writing poems . Thanks for posting this discussion Estanis :)

I'm bewildered after reading this reply Rosemary. Frankly I don't know what to say, is this your real story? Well this is a deep topic and I wouldn't dare to reply you here but let me say that It's too harsh  the statement you finish your story although it's a normal feeling when we loose someone we loved. All we deserve love and be loved so my humble advice is not to close our hearts definitely after the cycle of grief.

Maybe he wasn't wise enough to distinguish 'bad temper' with 'strong character' which is a valuable skill in a woman and every man should appreciate and care. And maybe this is why you are so talented at writing poems. So far I just can tell you to be proud of yourself my friend :)

It's interesting to read others' story. So, I would like to share mine. I was under 18 I came across a girl far relative with whom I was so much obsessed. When I described someone my feeling, he informed me I fell in love :). What craziest thing I uses to do for love, I used to draw her picture on my notebook during class and erase it later in hurry so no one noticed it. Practice of this made me feel stupid. In a nutshell, I felt imprisoned during experience, but didn't reveal it on her nor anyone else (except a close one) . It was a silence love ended up without any conclusion, but friends of mine noticed I was lost somewhere. I learned that the love that makes you stupid and crazy, resist from it . When the love makes you feel special and sensible, give it a try or make it permanent.

May all of us save from craziest love!


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