...once someone travelled for twenty seven hours from Brisbane (Australia) to spend only thirty hours in Madrid and proposes marriage to a guy before going back to Australia again.  Another guy from my town went bungee jumping from a very high bridge to show love for his girl.

Maybe we're not so crazy to do similar things (or yes) but perhaps you've got tattooed anything for someone or any other thing that you've done when in love. 

Don't be shy and share! ;)

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Lol... Rys!! Finally someone dare to say that hahahh...

Don't worry, it's said that men are the animals who make the same mistake over and over again, 'many in distress make the sorrow less' :D

...nah just kidding, I bet you're happily married and living a successful life. Thanks Rysperski for joining this crazy discussion and sharing.

Hi.....aha..every story is so sweet to read but do I have something to share? I think, no! Honestly speaking, I did not do anything crazy in terms of Love before getting married. But, now I am the craziest, I am ready to do anything for my man and our kid! Hum....yes, in my early life, of course I felt for someone but I was not bold enough to express my feeling, moreover I never met with him in reality and could not understand his feeling for me so clearly...lol. So, the communication ended up without expressing our feeling properly. But, when I became adult...lol I could understand what he wanted to say or how did he feel for me though in a very simple and polite way! No, I do not regret as I am married to a very nice and caring man. After marrying him I felt and  I still feel in the same way that we are in love for more than 16 years. So, it is not a problem for us as we both did not do crazy things in our early life.....hahahaha.

Hehe.. yes Bet I know a wife/mother would do anything for her beloved ones and of course no regrets but feeling proud to have got such successful family :)


Hi estanisss,

I like the picture :D Love ...Can be addictive. Yes it is . We overlook all negative factors of that person n try to find only good things. 

Well, I would not lable it craziness but it's something else. I had been fighting with someone every single day n thinking no I will not talk to him again. Next day morning I would text him. 

I really don't think in my entire life I had fought with anybody as I fought with him. No matter how big our fight used to be we would text each other. This fighting session lasted for a few months I reckon.

We never gave it the title LOVE.

Now I really miss this stupidity.  :)

Yeah... oxytocin can play a dirty trick on us but it's said we only live once so... what the heck! Let them play with us, no?

As for fights they have also a very positive side that surely you can't deny... yess reconciliations ;)

Thank you for joining Aliza and sharing, I think we shouldn't always regret our experiences, they make us learn also :)

Hiiii Estanis

I really don't regret that :) those fights taught me a lot. N now i really wanna fight with that person again on silly things :P

Those were the moments of.... can say sorrow and happiness at the same time. :D

Yep, that's the game of love... glad that you understand it well :)

But the craziest thing I did was when I avoid someone... LOL

I even changed my class, from Science to Language. It took me a year to leave Science class and return to my passion, Science, in the Univ. LOL........

Really!? But it sounds more like 'hate' than 'avoid' lol... 

My technique was letting them die of boredom:D    (It's more practice)

Well, I guess I did many stupid things out of infatuation... Love is a different thing, though. :-P 

With 13 I had a crush on a guy two grades above me. And because I wanted to be always near to him, I started attending the theory of religion course in the 7/8 class of the day. I wasn't even enrolled because I was 2 years too young!! I changed my circle of friends, went every day to the local youth center, started to stay out till late in the night, actually I completely gave up on school within 6 month, only to be close to him. Also, I was always really unfriendly to him. :-P 

Crazy enough? 

LOL....NotAClue.....Yeah, that's crazy enough. :D What a sweet memory!

:o  Ermm... yes yes, crazy enough. You and Onee deserve a medal.

One thing I will never understand is such behaviour of girls with the guys they're supposed to admire.I mean that Coldness even hostile mood :/    Crazy female understanding!  Lol...


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