...once someone travelled for twenty seven hours from Brisbane (Australia) to spend only thirty hours in Madrid and proposes marriage to a guy before going back to Australia again.  Another guy from my town went bungee jumping from a very high bridge to show love for his girl.

Maybe we're not so crazy to do similar things (or yes) but perhaps you've got tattooed anything for someone or any other thing that you've done when in love. 

Don't be shy and share! ;)

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Sure it's interesting reading others' experiences Arif and glad that you also shared yours. Your feeling is normal in that age in everyone regardless our gender. I also had 'secret loves' that didn't dare to show up. I wish I had the experience I have now hahah...
But I don't think that loves which make you feel crazy are negative, to me it's another remarkable human feeling that shapes our idea of love

The craziest I ever did? I moved in with my future husband when I had been knowing him for only 13 days. I left my old hometown for living with him and his four- and eight-year-old sons. He was a widower when I met him. At the time I met him, we had been living about 450 km far from each other. Now, we are married for 42 years.

Wow, Rose, that is so impressive!!!!! It inspires to read stories like yours. Thank you ))

Dear O.M., I think here we would read more of interesting stories if people would write about it. Unfortunately, the majority of the members here are not really interested in learning more about each other.

Thanks for your comment.

Woow... Rose!! This is what I call real LOVE, congratulations my friend! Your story could perfectly be the plot of a romance movie.
I'm greatful that you shared your story here. Best of wishes and happiness for you both and be married and travelling for another 42 years more.
Hats off.

Hello, Estanis. Thanks for your good wishes.

A plot for a movie...lol. Are you kidding?
My life does not provide enough material for a plot for a romance movie, and I don't know whether I wanted to see this movie, neither. Don't understand me wrong, please, I love my life, but it isn't that exciting. I don't believe it would be a big hit at the movie theaters.

Yeah.. O.K. But many of the hit movies even with a not so high budget didn't expect a big success :D

Well, Estanis, 

Lost on my first love I started to learn English to be able to understand each other)) It defined my future profession... and, I guess, all my destiny ))

It was really challenging, cos even my teacher didn't know well what she taught ...hhh

O.M., as you say, learning a foreign language can change many things. You say, that learning English was responsible for your current profession and has changed your life in terms of your destiny. I think it changed for the better, didn't it?
That isn't just crazy, that is incredible! Congratulation!

Dear O. actually I compare learning English to traveling, I mean that if we just know our mother language it limits our knowledge, experiences... similar as if we don't go out from our environment or comfort zone. In this point I must say I admire you :)


Learnings language for someone. Learning a new language is really challenging :D I believe your English is really good now :) 

It's an incredible change Olga :D

I will just read other's stories. ^_^


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