...once someone travelled for twenty seven hours from Brisbane (Australia) to spend only thirty hours in Madrid and proposes marriage to a guy before going back to Australia again.  Another guy from my town went bungee jumping from a very high bridge to show love for his girl.

Maybe we're not so crazy to do similar things (or yes) but perhaps you've got tattooed anything for someone or any other thing that you've done when in love. 

Don't be shy and share! ;)

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you are so cool, Onee-chan..hahah

LOL...Olga. Thanks. But what is so cool by only reading...?? :D :D

You see, Onee ))) Estanis has replied there ...lol..do not let him down ))


Ohh, I've made cute panda down. :((

that's unforgivable 

So you chicken out of sharing?? Hmm.. didn't expect this from you.

 You let me down :'(

It's not fair....what is the story from the one who made this discussion? :/

Well, my craziest stories in love are....

...The story? I shared one here, another one is same as Rysperski's (but once is enough) Anyway my line was more like 'surprise' than crazy just like adding a special gift into my girl's birthday cake...
Well we can see many views on the discussion but they're not according to the replies. Not success :/

Oi there, folks

    People are ready to commit the  craziest thing ever in the name of love. I was no exception - I got married for the second time. 

Lol... Rys!! Finally someone dare to say that hahahh...

Don't worry, it's said that men are the animals who make the same mistake over and over again, 'many in distress make the sorrow less' :D

...nah just kidding, I bet you're happily married and living a successful life. Thanks Rysperski for joining this crazy discussion and sharing.


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