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What's the craziest or silliest thing you ever did as a child?

When I was about 5 years old, I stuck a small toy train deep into my nostril and couldn't pull it out by myself. Soon afterwards, I went to a hospital with my mother. :D

P.S. I thought of this topic thanks to Estanis's discussion "What's the craziest thing you've ever done for love?" and Rose's comment "I grew up with four siblings, and we often speak about our childhood. We laugh then about all the crazy things we did. "

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    Sorry to hear this bad ending . I think your toy was a super tiny one . You  , I and others  faced  alot of dangers when we were kids  , a thing that many  of today's  kids are still facing  . 

          I was about 8 years old and I was hyperactive  . Near our house was a field full of flowers with various  colors   . I used to  visit that place almost  every day  , stirring to the different shapes of flowers  , with bees and butterflies  flying here and there  . 

          A been was on a flower  , when I took my stupid decision  to catch that bee :) 

    I closed my hands tightly  on the flower with the bee  :) At that age I didn't know that bees  sting  . Hhhhhh   No one have told me that  , I have experienced  it for the first time in my life  . It was a karma  to stop me from hurting  little  creatures  hhhh

          Thanks for posting  this discussion  Tam 

Hi, Rosemary. Thank you for sharing your experience. Oh, that looks painful. Did you cry? But it was good that it was a bee. If it had been a hornet, you would have been more injured.

  Hhhhhh  , I did cry a lot that day  . It stinged  me in the palm of my hand  , which grew bigger because  of the bee venom  :) 

Hey... cool idea about  this second part of 'What's the craziest thing...' Tam!!

I,m not sure now what was my craziest thing, let me think and tell you later on. Anyway I was a good and obedient boy :)

Ohh.. I wonder if that little toy train had an attractive odour for kids :D

Hi, Estanis. Thank you for your response. Really? Were you a good and obedient boy? :D

I am not sure why I did such a thing, but children want to put anything into their mouth or nostrils, don't they? :D

Hi Tam!

Nice topic. Let me remember......

NO! I don't wish to tell that. :X :D :D

I will try to remember another craziest or silliest thingS. LOL

Hi, Onee-chan. Thank you for your response. Please tell only the EC members that. I can't guess it. :D

However I am looking forward to another one. :D

In my childhood, in my little hometown, a new bridge over the river had to be built.
I was an 8-year girl then.
The old bridge wasn't stable anymore was demolished.
The town let built a temporary bridge. A wood bridge.
There were wood struts beneath the bridge.
I think they served the additional stabilization.
We always played on the river and one day we came up with the idea to shimmy from the one to the other shore.
With hands and feet on the struts, we shimmied forward and reached the other bank.
On the other bank my mother, who had seen everything, was waiting. She had seen our action.
She scolded me, brought me home, and gave me weeks house arrest.
This incident came in my mind when I was in my old hometown, to care for my mother for some weeks.
I went for a stroll with my sister and came to the river with the (new) bridge. Of course, the temporary bridge doesn't exist anymore.

Today I know how dangerous that was back then. But what does danger to a child mean? Nothing or not much because it cannot assess it and the desire for discovery always outweighs the caution.

Hi, Rose. Thank you for sharing your experience. That looks so dangerous. I can guess your mother was watching you while being very worried.

Children can't judge whether something is dangerous or not. Their curiosity outweighs caution, as you said.

When I was 8 years old, I was playing hide and seek with my sister. I hid inside my father's coat that was hanging in the closet. My sister opened the door of the closet but couldn't find me, I stayed there until I was sleepy and suddenly fell down :D

Hello, Saba. Thank you for sharing your cute experience. Children like hide and seek. I wonder whether hiding children want to be found or not. :D

I myself don't remember, but my late mother used to tell us while I was a little I thrust a coin in my nose, which my mother got it out by slapping me on back side of my head.  But parent should be watchful with the infant kids.


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