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I love this question. Because this question only shapes me. When I completed my schooling, I asked myself what next? But no proper answer. Because there was no college in my native place. Even though we were middle class, my father didn't like to make me a graduate. I tried to study in distance education. But I was denied. Then I went for a job. There I worked with computer as an Accountant. I loved computer very much. Then I thought what next? I started learning about computer. What next? I got a job from the computer centre where I learnt. It was a great opportunity to develop my skill. What next? Marriage.  What next? I started a business related Computer. I did everything sincerely. I completed my Computer Science graduation. What next? I reasonably succeeded in my business. Whatever I knew is from the above question.  I love this question. What next? Proficiency in English. Why? I love to learn something. Now I have a chance to learn and speak English.              

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Congratulations on your successes.....................what next.

Thank you for your comments Mishaikh

I wish you all further successes in life, dear.

It should be "What's next?"....

You surely have enumerated your life stages here, Subbulaskhmi!

I tried to correct that. But when we talk we may ask what's up? or what next? It is quit difficult to say what's next? Anyway thanks for comments.

Congratulations Subbulakshmi!!!That's a great question to do!! But lately I'm having some trouble to plan my life, because every semester something changes, I got a job, but just for six months, so it's pretty difficult to plan something when I don't know if I will get a job quickly after this one.

Wish me luck!! Bye!!

If you have free time, improve your skills related to the job. Motivate yourself. I wish you best of luck to get a job.

I will do that!!!!


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