The idea of this discussion came to me while writing my blog about my wife birthday gift. She adores pearl bracelets. I bought her once, but new types of decorations and new types of jewelry keep coming up.

for us, men, we can have a necktie or a silver watch as an adornment, but you, ladies,

 What kind of jewelry would you like to have?

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Teeka assay Tonny! Thanks for pressing the like button.

Hi,Mr.dara,nice pictures,lm not kind that person love jewelry very much,but l think l will choose the second jewelry

Xie xie Elissa! You choose what you want and good ladies always deserve more. Thanks for your humble and nice choice, my dear good friend. 

Spasibo uchitel Robert! Welcome to the club. I have two or three watches, the Japanese one is a silver Omax. Thanks for your information about you and your family. By the way, extend my regards to your respected wife. I hope to be one of your friends. Is that possible? Thanks again for your comment.

If you want something valuable? There is no alternative to gold possible in the form of Ancel, but if you are looking for appearance only, there are accessories such as collies of some colored glass or pearls, as mentioned

نتيجة بحث الصور عن كولية Ùصوص

صورة ذات صلة

Ya Saly, haram aalaik, laih kidah? Dear Saly, why did you send those lovely adornments? My wife will get crazy and she will think of owning one of them. Saly, you do not know about our women here, besides, I am completely ignorant about the original or the false ones. We are like that. There are many men like me. Nevertheless, I am very thankful for those lovely necklaces you have posted there. I really hope to be one of your friends. Thanks for your nice comment.

I like to wear simple ring.  Once I had one, (of gold).  When I got married, I gave it to my wife to include it in making of other jewelry of gold.  Here the goldsmith melt the gold and make any jewelry of your choice.


Main nahi samajgiya, matlab,,, it is a golden color ring, isn't it? Maybe it is made of silver and painted with a yellow color. I am not sure about it. Do we wear gold? I have never worn it. I had a silver ring and it fell from me at the airport when I was traveling to my hometown.  I like my watch a lot. It is some sort of a decoration to me. Thanks, Miahsikh for your comment.

No dara it was gold ring.

Yei meeri matlab! I mean that wearing gold rings or bracelets or any kind of gold is forbidden for us. I do not mean to make any insult or something. Women wear these items which are made of gold. As for us, we wear Silva. As I said, no insult only I want to mention that. Thanks for your comment.

Now do not wear jewelry if any kind.

Main bhee! I do not use any kind of decoration or accessories except for my watch. I wear it from time to time. 


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