The idea of this discussion came to me while writing my blog about my wife birthday gift. She adores pearl bracelets. I bought her once, but new types of decorations and new types of jewelry keep coming up.

for us, men, we can have a necktie or a silver watch as an adornment, but you, ladies,

 What kind of jewelry would you like to have?

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Yei meeri matlab! I mean that wearing gold rings or bracelets or any kind of gold is forbidden for us. I do not mean to make any insult or something. Women wear these items which are made of gold. As for us, we wear Silva. As I said, no insult only I want to mention that. Thanks for your comment.

Now do not wear jewelry if any kind.

Main bhee! I do not use any kind of decoration or accessories except for my watch. I wear it from time to time. 

Dear Sir,

I don't like yellow gold at all. hehe. I like the white one. I used to wear the fake white gold earrings and necklace. :D However, I don't like to wear them nowadays, even the real one. Maybe one day, I will just wear real white gold earrings, but not sure if I still like it. :D 


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