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The idea of this discussion came to me while writing my blog about my wife birthday gift. She adores pearl bracelets. I bought her once, but new types of decorations and new types of jewelry keep coming up.

for us, men, we can have a necktie or a silver watch as an adornment, but you, ladies,

 What kind of jewelry would you like to have?

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Queiro ser tu amigo, Ivan. Our wishes do not have limits. I hope you get what you want. Thanks, Ivan for your comments.

In my country can't even say countless adornment to jewels of ladies, People used to wear earrings, necklace, bracelet. On occasion, we can see the jewelry shop put an adornment of ladies.

Vanakkam Kanimozhi! Vo kiya hain? What a lovely Indian girl in her ornamentations. I really like that. Yes, you are right, we see them in Indian movies. During the marriage, the bride is a moving jewelry shop, as you mentioned. In our country, the police are called to guard the marriage until the whole wedding is done. Thanks, Kani for those lovely photos.  

a gold bracelet.

Eu estous feliz Thayslane! If I m not afraid of your husband, I would send you one. Beautiful ladies deserve more. Thanks, Thays for teaching me Portuguese, and thanks for your comment.

Hi Dara


Koshwara fagat! Saba! Your husband is very lucky. Out of one hundred, get me two, three, or at least five women who do not want ornamentation. Extend my regards to him. Thanks for your nice and humble comment. 

Yes, it is a nice discussion; in fact, I’m not interested in wearing jewelry or ornaments because I love simple lifestyle, but it doesn’t mean that other menfolk should be like me in this regard. Some of my male friends are interested in wearing male necklaces, but I think it is feminine nature that females are so keen on wearing jewels as well as buying new ones. I can remember that I once bought a male necklace on a special occasion, but I gave it to my mother later on and asked her to get it converted into a female bracelet with the help of a goldsmith.  Please don’t misunderstand me, may I ask you a question? If compared “gold” to “iron”, which one is the most useful to humankind?

Vanakkam Bimal! Where have you been my handsome friend? To begin with, necklaces are mostly for women. When we wear it, we look, shall I say weird or not real men. That ornamental chain or string of beads is for women. I do not want to disrupt or be rude to those men who wear them. Each man is free to do what he wants. Regarding your last question, I will let the readers answer that. Thanks, Bimal for your nice comment.   

Some chaps are interested in wearing male necklaces or male neck chains, so as you’ve stressed, it is their right, so we let them wear them.

Dear Dara,

In fact, I was busy with a number of work, so I was struggling with time too; So, I missed all my friends here on “English Club”, anyway, I’m here again, so, I’m happy now. And, I’m now with my talent friends here.

Neer nalavar Bimal! What have you done? My goodness! Why did you send that lovely necklace to me? My niece is going to attend a wedding. She wanted one like it, even if it is not genuine. I did not show it to them, but they came and said, "Oh my Gosh what a lovely thing!" I told her to take the necklace of my wife. It is white and not as beautiful as yours, Bimal but she agreed to put it on for the party. Welcome back and thanks, Bimal for your nice words.


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