The idea of this discussion came to me while writing my blog about my wife birthday gift. She adores pearl bracelets. I bought her once, but new types of decorations and new types of jewelry keep coming up.

for us, men, we can have a necktie or a silver watch as an adornment, but you, ladies,

 What kind of jewelry would you like to have?

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Hahhah,,, I guess I will be the last person in the world interested in jewelry...Here in Bolivia, it is dangerous to walk in the street with any precious thing. Apart...I am pretty modest with adronment...hhh. What I do like and I do have is watches. is not kind of jewelry. Sonner necessity. 

Spasibo Olga! You know that at a knifepoint, the thief can strip you. For those celebrities, actresses, models and some other wealthy ladies wear these valuable adornments with their bodyguards. Those powerful men with big muscles protect them all the time. Thanks, Olga for being wise enough not to wear them.

I think this is solely for ladies to discuss.  I wear now only fitbit (watch+tracker), and it is not beautiful at all.

I never wear rings and tie even I do not know how to tie a tie.

Bilkul Mr. Mishaikh! We, men do not care or pay any attention to what our ladies do in that regard. I wear a watch, as the matter of fact, I have two watches, one is Casio. It is not expensive. The other one is a Citizen for less than a hundred dollars. I will add something to you, Mishaikh, if we want to go out, I take less than five or ten minutes to put on my clothes. I wait an hour or two for my wife to wear her clothes and put on her ornamentations.

Thank you Dara 

I prefer to read othes’ ideas because I don’t use any kind of jweles. 

Bit, I know in som3 cultures people belive tha Jweles have physiologic and psychologic effect on the users . Is it possible ? How ? Any  reliable  experience? 

Mai kamilan moafigum, genius Darius. The discussion is for our halves. I agree with you and thank you. 

Mushkoor ya Prisoner of sorrow! Thanks for pressing the like button.

Dear Dara,

For me i would prefer gold earrings if i had enough money, but now that i can't afford pure, i just use  cheap ones.Thank you for been good at coming up with interesting topics to discuss in English.please keep it up!

Asante sana Molemane! I hope that you have enough money to buy what you want in the future. The real beauty is the beauty of the inside, Mole. These precious adornments can cover some of our outside features. Thanks to you, Molemane for being frank and straight about your personal life. I really respect that and wish you the best in your life. 

For me, I love wristwatches and rings.  I don't put on earrings just for fashion, I consider them an everyday accessory that I can't do without. I feel like a man if I don't wear them. :)

Dear Salma, you are a teacher, therefore earrings are necessary for you. It gives the lady her way of doing things. When you are explaining something to your students those earrings move from side to side which makes the students in a state of full attention to what you say. My wife likes that French type of watches, I forgot its name, maybe, Swatch or something. I will buy it for her next time. Thanks, Salma for your nice and easy adornments. 

  • LOL! I'm always covered so they don't get distracted by my earrings but I still wear them eventhough my ears are hidden:)


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