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Using your imagination, think of what your name can relate to. hmmm, how can I express it? let me give you an example. I am Mickey, so I can relate it to March. Faraz, February, Tim New, T Mal, TK Chan, Tuesday. Eric, Eleven o'clock. So try to relate it to time[or if u cant, other stuff will do as well]~ Do you wanna have a try?

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great answer :)

I like ur spilting up ur name into so cute and meaningful pieces. wow1 Girl

Thanks a lot, dear Ahmad! giggling~

Hey Micky, My name is extremely obvious. I am Vietnamese - My country - Vietnam

giggling, yes! Your name is self-evident!

My name is Asma hmm

Asma Angel :D

jejeje, smart explanation! Sis Angel!


There's no doubt about it. You're an 'Angel' to many of us here! Let your charm keep flowing, my dear!  :-)

You too, teacher Gabriel!

Oh dear! That's one heart-warming remark that I received for today. You made my day, cross my heart. Thank you, Mickey! You're so sweeeeet!! ;-)

Dear teacher Gabriel, you are always more than welcome! Hehehe~

( Blushed)

Dear Gabriel, thanks a lot :)


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