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What Is the Secret Behind the Good Smell After the Rain?

What is the secret behind the good smell after it rains? What makes rain smell so good? when we were children we used to play outside during and after the rain. We noticed that the soil gives a good smelling scent. It is a very pleasant nice aroma. The whole world is happy and optimistic when it rains. Is there any scientific background about it? Superstition may play a role here. I heard that our ancestors used to expect a profitable season after it rains.   

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In the place where I have raised it very rerely rains and it is not too strong. I have raised in a volley. After it you even can't feel its aroma too much. That place is very close to glaciers. Throughout the history whenever it rained strongly in this volley it has always had bed aftermaths like flooding repid stream and the like. 

Also after reviewing this discussion I learnt that different things at different time for different people mean different things. d

Rahmat The Top of the World! I am glad about that. You know something, my dear good friend, Some disasters of a nation are benefits for another nation. It is a saying. Now, I wish to be in your country to see those icy rivers. Believe me, my friend, it is a gift from God. By the way, that word 'volley' did you mean valley? I wish I were in that valley too. Here, in our place, the temperature reaches 45 or fifty. It can be more than that but that what is said officially. Thanks for your nice comment.

Rain cleans the atmosphere. 

Wakhaa Youssef! Miziyan! It cleans the atmosphere and even ourselves. Remember, we make duaa (supplication) to the lord when it rains, and if that is accepted, ourselves are clean, too. Thanks, Youssef for your short and nice comment.          

Rain is also "ablution" for the atmosphere.  As ablution purifies the performer, in the same way the atmosphere gets purified by rain.

Bilkul Mihaikh janab! Youssef, did you see that equation which was added a few minutes ago by the great blogger, Mr. Mishaikh? It is another proof for your comment. Thank you, Mr. Mishaikh for this nice equation on the cleaning of ourselves by the ablution of the rain.

The dust has fallen,

united with earth,

together with rain water,

they spread the goodness.

Puisi yang bagus, mod. Onee. Thanks for those lovely verses.

I like the smell after the rain. But unfortunately, I know nothing about the scientific reason :D

Terima kasih Dish! Aku juga. Me too, but if you see the comments of some members, you will have an idea. Thanks for your comment. 

Hi, I don't no about our ancestors but I love rain smell. I think in nature and relax.

Eu tambien amiga Silvana. I like the smell of the rain too. Thanks for your comment. 


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