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What Is the Secret Behind the Good Smell After the Rain?

What is the secret behind the good smell after it rains? What makes rain smell so good? when we were children we used to play outside during and after the rain. We noticed that the soil gives a good smelling scent. It is a very pleasant nice aroma. The whole world is happy and optimistic when it rains. Is there any scientific background about it? Superstition may play a role here. I heard that our ancestors used to expect a profitable season after it rains.   

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Mishaikh, To avoid morning stress, you should protect your vehicle from freezing even before the onset of winter. Lubricate the rubber frame of the door with deer tallow, talc or glycerine. This is how to avoid water, Vaseline or silicone oil from your household.

Thanks Rose for the useful tip.  I will try it.

Main eyesa bola, Mishaikh sahib. I shall follow her instruction regarding this matter. Thanks for both of you. 

Feelin danke Rose Iris Will! We use grease and some animal fat for the windshield. For the doors, we use water and wait for sometime for the ice to melt. Now, we will try to follow your instruction. By the way, I am talking about cold areas. The temperature in some areas is suitable even during the coldest seasons. Thanks, Rose for your good advice. 

Subhana Allah! Do you mean that February is going to be colder than this? The government does not give you a holiday? I suggest you take a leave and go to a hot area. Here, in Saudi Arabia, we go to warmer areas during winter and during summer, we choose cold areas. Most of the employees do like that. Thanks for your comment.

Shookran BS! I hope to be one of your friends. Thanks for pressing the like button.

Ya tojcha Kate Kross. Spasibo! I like that ozone too. Dear Kate, I hope to be one of your friends. is that possible? Thanks for your comment on that discussion, the smell of the rain.


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