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What Is the Secret Behind the Good Smell After the Rain?

What is the secret behind the good smell after it rains? What makes rain smell so good? when we were children we used to play outside during and after the rain. We noticed that the soil gives a good smelling scent. It is a very pleasant nice aroma. The whole world is happy and optimistic when it rains. Is there any scientific background about it? Superstition may play a role here. I heard that our ancestors used to expect a profitable season after it rains.   

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Absolutno uchitel Robert! Thanks for your logical explanation. Once more, I hope to be one of your friends. Thank you.

After reading this post, I was driving from Central Australia to South Australia, a 1,500 km journey through barren country. While driving it began to rain just after we left the Northern Territory border and entered South Australia. I could smell the earth. I asked my wife why we smell it and what causes it and she simply said that it's the smell of the earth caused by the evaporation of the rain on the earth.

She's smarter than me - so she thinks - so I accepted her opinion. Whatever causes it, it is a pleasant smell and tells us that somewhere nearby it's raining.

Hello, dear Robinoz. Before anything, I hope to be one of your friends. In that regard, please, extend my greetings to your wife. That journey took many days I guess. Did you enjoy the smell of the rain? I am waiting for your add. Thanks, Robinoz. 

That smell is called "petrichor", sir.

Ty, is that the scientific name for it? Thanks, Ty for that information. Is it possible to be one of your friends? I will really be glad. Thanks again. 

Hi please i am new here can you help me to understand english claub

Alash ya Fatima ana huna? Waish kundeer? Why am I here? Of course, to help those lovely young ladies like Fatima. You can start to write blogs. The members read and check if there are any errors in that article. Besides, if you need any further assistance, I will be glad to help you.

Because rain washes the air pollution.

Tikanish Medoly? Thanks for your comment. Is it possible to be one of your friends? Thanks again. 

But it is snowing here. And that has no smell but cold below freezing.

May Allah help you . It sounds  like you are having  a strong blizzard.  The temperature is minus five or eight  maybe.  Thanks, Mishaikh for your comment. 

Not strong blizzard dara but still cold.  We needed number of bottles of hot water just to open the doors of our car this morning, because the doors were frozen.  


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