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What Is the Secret Behind the Good Smell After the Rain?

What is the secret behind the good smell after it rains? What makes rain smell so good? when we were children we used to play outside during and after the rain. We noticed that the soil gives a good smelling scent. It is a very pleasant nice aroma. The whole world is happy and optimistic when it rains. Is there any scientific background about it? Superstition may play a role here. I heard that our ancestors used to expect a profitable season after it rains.   

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   Notoriously , we all like the smell of earth after taking its heavenly bath because you and me are comming from the dry lands of the middle east . Rain is special in our arabic and Islamic heritage . It's Allah mercy and bless
These droplets are newly created in heaven with all the love and mercy .
I still remember when I was a collage student , I used to hear men shouting with the rain start " ya Allah the most generous " I liked hearing them .
I also belong to an agricultural culture , here rain symbolizes lots of things .
It stands as a symbol for the coming back or return of those people who are gone , they will be back like rain one day . Rain stands for welfare and a good harvest , if it rained in a wedding day the bride is considered to be a green bride , which means a blessed bride for the whole village .
It's the rains season in my city now . We are having rains almost every day in the southern mountains , and I have just saw a man asking the people of my region to shut off their snap chat videoes because the rest of the country is boiling of summer heat . He said that we were annoying :)
After rain I feel compelled to open the widow and take a look to the earth washed face and inhale the fragrance of rain . There is still hope , there is life and there is all the blessings and mercy and it's my time to pray .
Thanks for posting this nice topic Mr dara gino :) 

Wow! Mush maagool ya Rosemary! Amazing intervention. It is even better than my topic itself. True, the rain is the source of life. Without it, the land becomes fruitless, unproductive and there will be no living things at all. In fact, all the creatures depend on the rain to live. Look at our food, for example, the bread. From where do we get  our bread? The chain of answers will follow until we reach the land and the rain. Our vegetables, our meat ... etc.

You also mentioned the marriage that takes place when it rains. The bride is considered a green bride that is a good omen for the village. It is true that most of the world is experiencing a severe wave of heat. In Europe, Africa and some other continents. Meanwhile, your country is raining and it is snowing in some part of it. I heard that on the news.

You took us to many beautiful circumstances. Opening the window and smelling that fine scent after it rains. Making supplication and (duaa) to Allah to accept your words. There is a marvelous photo of the highway through the mountain of your province. I drove on that road twenty years ago and I was frightened. Nice view for a rainy day. The rain means hope and a future for those drylands. Thanks, Rosemary for your nice comment.

That is because rain makes clean air. Rain washes dust floating in the air down. I like clean air.

Kunichiwa Tam soshte arigato! I like that smell very much, Tam. It gives you a feeling of optimism. Thanks, Tam for your comment.

The rain usually brings me back fond memories from my early childhood. At that time we used to have contrasted seasons, the magic of the snow in winter and a festival of colors falling off the trees in falls. I guess that the rain is a synonym of source of life in many cultures. It guarantees the renewal of natural cycles, the survival of crops and yields coming to our pantries. But, like you said, Dara, this is a matter of beauty as well: it´s relaxing music and it´s marvellous scent getting out from every inch of the Earth. I do not know very much about science, but I think that the first thing that astronomers look for when they are seeking for life out there is water. The ancient Maya tradition worshipped a God called Chaak, who was supposed to prompt the rain by hitting the clouds with a stone axe. Either way, wheter we worship ancient deities or observing celestial bodies, we´re acknowledging one of the best blessings we have. Thanks for writing it, I´m glad you feel the same way so far away from my homeland. We inhabit the same planet after all.

Muchas gracias, Amoresperros! What a reminiscence? Wow! In fact, My friend, it is a reminiscence of my early days in my hometown. We are like each other in some ways despite our age difference. Rain is indeed the source of life, as you mentioned.

You and the lady Rosemary gave us a spectacular picture.    

By the way, you can stay for days without food, but you cannot stay without water for long. It is true that water is the best blessings we have. I could not forget that aroma after it rains. I used to inhale more of that air inside my lungs and it gives a feeling of satisfaction and relaxation. Of course, I have to feel the same way. Thanks for your nice comment.

 Privyet ee spasibo, Olga! That beautiful photo you have sent expresses a lot. The pitter patter of the rain on our roofs or on the windows gives a sweet sensation of the beauty of life. Whether we are in the country or in the city, the falling of the rain means more assurance that our life is continuing.

From where did you get that nice scenery? It is really, the natural features of your lovely countryside. The smell of the rain is promising, let apart its water that comes from the sky. Thanks, Olga for that nice and expressive picturesque. 

Hello, dear Dara!

Actually I don't like rain, especially in autumn. Drops of rain remind me tears and It makes me feel sad and cold. But I really like the weather after rain in summer. Fresh air, breeze and slight coolness. I am ready to walk the whole night in this romantic mood.

Chomu Svetlana? Why Lana? I have never seen or heard anybody who does not like the rain. It could be due to unpleasant circumstances you experienced in the past, but basically, the drops of the rain enhance the lazy soul and refresh the clumsy mind. 

Definitely, it is your point of looking at the matter from your own perspective. Of course, we have to respect that. Lana, have you heard that song, Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head? I do not know the singer, maybe, BJ Thomas or Tom Jones, I forgot. The weather after the rain is promising. That What I have been telling my friends. Thanks, Lana for your frank comment.

Dear Dara!

Maybe some people like rain because they live in hot countries. I am sure they wait for rain so much to refresh themselves. In my country it rains very often, especially in autumn. Some of people have depression due to that. Most of our rains are cold and unpleasant. Sometimes we have rain with thunderstorm and hail even in summertime.  
Look what happened a few days ago in Western Ukraine, in Lviv area.
I hope Roman is okay these days.

Dyakuyu Svitlana! According to the comment by Mr. Darius, I knew that you were right when you said that you do not like rain. We have a saying, (Some people's disasters are benefits to others) Your country is a cold country. I can see the eyes in your hands. By the way, even during this time of year! The heat is all over the world. Thanks for being frank and clear. 

It is my pleasure, dear Dara! 


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