Hair? Balloons? Clowns? It ain't silly, though. They used to be creeeeeepy. Thanks to Bill Skarsgård they lost their credibility. To me, that is.

Let's see, how about all objects colored yellow?


Being watched by a duck? Oh, yeah. It's a thing.

Or according to Ross Geller Triscuits? "They have sharp edges'', after all.

Almost forgot! What if I told ya for some it's Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia – Fear of long words! Can you imagine the internal monolog?

''Oh, my! That word's too long! I cannot bear it. Time for a blood curdling scream.''


Mine's lookin' like the Hamburgler while I'm doin' my makeup. 

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I fear gnome

I fear huge dolls from Betawi (a tribe in Jakarta)

My students stated that

have a woohoo day!!

Garden gnomes? I feel ya. Their smiles are stuff of the nightmares.

Hamburgers!?... c'mon they're well looked upon. No worries.

The Hamburgler... it's a McDonald character. 

No results found for hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia also got frightened.  DUMBFOUND!

germs.....yma.....I am many times i need to wash my hands even after touching any switch....where i can hide....maybe in my

Oh my! Not so ridiculous at all. Get help.

Being a bold....straightforward..sincere character...I enjoyed my life......when I got job...everyone try to change my nature.Unable to withstand the pressure.Nowadays I fear about may I lose my original nature??? May be am I a puppet in the hands of my colleagues????? If not....I will be leave alone in my work place.

One more thing: ^_^

I have fear of vocabulary test result. :o

I am also afraid of vocabulary test result in public  :(


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