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I am quite curious what impression I have left on you. What is Mickey like in your eyes? You are completely free to express yourselves. I'd like to hear both my merits and demerits. I appreciate any of your comments and advice.

Giggling, thanks in advance! ;-) Have a lovely day, dear friends!

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First, the impression you bring to me is that you are a very active, optimistic girl with a soul so sensitive that easy to get noisy with something you suppose it's unfair or wrong, :D. However, I appreciate your progressive spirit showing here every day, that will be a solid foundation for your success in time to come.

Second, your nickname makes me think of my daughter, :D. She loves Mickey & Minnie very much. Every thing she does she all tends to Mickey & Minnie, even in her first drawings or her first letters during learning to write. It's great to see that she has a wholesome idol like that in her first years of life..:)

Giggling, thanks dear vvquang~  Hmm, but what does "get noisy with" here mean? I dont know...

I have seen your little girl's picture you put here, very lovely a kid! I love Mickey & Minnie as well, I think she and I should shake hands and hug! ;-)

Have a great day, vvquang!

It means "make noisy" or in this context it could be understood as "fighting for". :) (perhaps it's wrong, but don't pay attention to it, sometime I am still creative myself with English..:D). The idea about a hand shake between you & my daughter is so great, I'll try to make it real some day, I've been in China before (Nanning, Kueilin), where do you live in China now, Mickey?

Oh, it is a new phrase for me. Giggling, it is mine now! Thanks!

Fujian, it is in South China.

I love kids! Can I kiss her cheeks as well? giggling~ ;-)

:)) certainly, in case I cannot bring her by my side for you to kiss her cheeks, I wonder if I may be a "kiss messenger" for you? :D (just kidding!)

Hahaha, you are so lovely! ;-)

hmmm, why we told you ?

hahaha, because I want to know, because you will tell me, because we are friends!

If you tell me, I'll be happy; if I am happy, I'll send you a chocolate! +==========+

Thanks, Asif! Have a nice weekend! =)

Thanks so much, dear Deepa!

Take your time always!

Have a perfect weekend, dear friend! ;-)

You are a typical cute teens, with brain and huge creativity. Dedicates many hours for EC, a very active member, and have good humour. That is what I see from the "virtual you". About your blogs, that is amazing! You should proud of it!

Stephen, thanks for your kind words, they made my day!

Have a great day!

Wow, colorful flowers! Thanks dear modaway! Thanks for your floral words! Giggling~ ;-)


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