What is better: To find the love and lose it one day or never even to find it?

To find the love and lose it one day:

Here I mean anyone that had find his/her real, true, mutual love (you love him/her and he/she loves you). It doesn't matter if it was a partner or even husband/wife). They lived together and enjoyed life for some time. Everything was good and seemed paradise.

But one day something had happened and he/she lost it.

Never even to find it:

Here I mean anyone that lived the whole life and didn't find his/her real love.

It was always only the one-sided love (you love somebody, but he/she doesn't love you or vise versa) or even just attraction.

Thank you for your honest answers!

I wish everyone have had found the true love!

So, the most people think, the first option is better. And I think the same.

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Hi Diah!

Ofcourse it is much better to choose the third option with long lasting love and happiness:)

Yes, both options are so tragic and sad!

Thank you for your honest answer!

But this is not in our power Roman, 'finding/getting and/or loosing. It just happens, one finds it involuntarily and knows about the feelings he/she has for somebody, or if even try to find not necessarily be successful. In the same way he/she loses also.  But if for the sake of discussion I would also prefer the second option. Because it takes you away (mostly) from your other life obligations. Below is a translation from a Urdu poet:


Hi Mishaikh!

But it is also sad... I don't know, how that Urdu poet can say so... Or maybe she was not his real love?

And is love so absorbing or time consuming that "it takes you away (mostly) from your other live obligations"?

Thank you for your thoughts and opinion!

find the love and lose it one day is better than never find it 

We should appreciate the shared memory that we've been through


every relation is subjected to fail

Hi Kaya!

So, memory is also important. If we remember, then we live those good moments and enjoy the bright emotions again...

Thank you for sharing your opinion!

Better to find love and lose it than living with no love because as human being we need love and care we need to be loved.

Hi Rana!

So, it seems love is such a good and great thing that can bless people with happiness for the whole life.

Thank you for sharing your opinion!

Ur welcome

Love is a key for happiness as u mentioned 

Thank you Rana!

Have a good day!

Yes, Ryu! That is really better! :)

Thank you!


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