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I think, "Where all those weird signs and words are situated? And why I have never seen any???? According to that map, I had to see the letter "U" (Ukraine) every time I go to the village."

Ah, and uhm, that map is reversed a little. ;-)

Hi, Roman. Thank you for your comment. This map isn't reversed. This is the world Australian people think. :D


erm... that the world is upside down. Nothing new.

Hi, Mary. Thank you for your comment. This map isn't just upside down. This is a world map that are sold in Australia, so Australian people think the world is like this, isn't it?

How petty you must be to buy this stupid map.

I don't think this map is petty and stupid. This is a world map in Australia. It is common that own country is placed on the center of own country's map.

IT IS! A map's a map.

    The change of climate  , that's  what do I think  Tam  , I don't know  if I am right or wrong ? :) 

Though the climate in Australia is the reverse of that in the northern hemisphere, I think it isn't related to this map. I think most countries write a world map in which own country is placed on the center.

You can understand where this world map is used, can't you?

Kunichwia Tam, it is a small world. I can talk to my friends, Tam in Japan and Mambo in Africa at the same time. 


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