What do you think is the most important thing in your life?

There are too many peoples are living in the world.

They have diffrent thinking about the best precious thing.

What could you suggest? if I ask you recommend the best precious thing of your life.

I think that a certain person can suggests his adorable daughter,  somebody can insist money that is the precious thing. etc

What is your best precious treasure? Can you tell me? Just one thing. 

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   My 2 precious things are 

        First  , I am healthy  thanks  God 

         Second  , my love for reading  

Same with Rosemary though I'd have another expression. :)

 Rosemary "yes, I agree with you. I think healthy is the most important than others."

the most important in my life is my mom. She brought me up and taught me moral values. I’m grateful to her.

Nguyen~ Thank you for your comment. Almost people think like you.

Just one thing.. my son without a doubt.

I think you maybe love your son too much. most people also think like you.

Hello Jeong Hojin:
My most precious treasure is the friendship with my closest friends.
I wouldn't change that, for anything in the world/universe... whatever.

Greetings :)!

Thank you for your concern. I also think the friendship is the most important for us.

My best precious treasure is family and my happiness. I must do what I love and love what I do as long as it doesnt give negative impact on someone's life 

Thank you for your comment. I agree with you that the happiness is the most precious treasure.


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