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What color is love? Why?

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It's not only one color. Is a bunch of them. And they mix in a crazy way to drive you crazy as well... 

So if you look at it for too long it hypnotizes you till you get dizzy, and crazy, and a bit more stupid too. But who doesn't want that!? :P

Ah... now I understand... I have never seen such love in real life... 

Now I will recognize my love on the street, by this bunch of colors! 

Ring-a-round the rosie,

Ring-a-round the rosie...

     People associate red color with love . I think it is more close to stand as a symbol for lust not love . For me love resembles all the colors in their different shades because love in its deepest core is  nothing but acceptance 

So good words! :)

To answer this question we have first to know its frequency on the electromagnetic spectrum - more specifically the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum, assuming it does indeed fall within the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Only then can we assign a colour to each of the (at least) seven types of love (according to the sage old Greeks):

  • Eros - sexual love
  • Philia - friendship
  • Storge - family love
  • Agape - universal love
  • Ludus - playful or uncommitted love
  • Pragma - practical love founded on reason
  • Philautia - self love

This question is unanswered because, for everyone, love has a different color. 


Ugh... for cryin' out loud.

Love is merely a chemical reaction forcin' animals -humans included- to ''procreate'' and bring tiny, stinky, attention-seekin' versions of themselves into this effed up world.

haha, that's what I thought as my first reply! XD  But I usually 'discard' my first thoughts in my constant effort of trying not to scare people and 'fit' in some place of this human society :/

''Just a li'l girl with the futile dream of fittin' in.''

C'mon, don't be a ''Lisa''. Bart has more fun. 

Its color is white not for its being pure . But because color is the container for all the colors as well as love does so!


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