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When a person or friend ignores you when you want to chat with ,what do you do since then ?
Do you ,for example ,try to ask him or her the reasons why he or she did that or you ,in turn ,ignore him or her ?

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Yes, I also wonder why you do this very often with me!!!
Well, all depends. Personally, everyone has its own personality about what to do when someone faces this type of behavior. I have never ignore noone in the chat. Everyone comes to EC to learn an exchange ideas, thoughts, or somethinge else. Unfortunately, there are people who don't share the same perpectives. Instead, rudeness by asking unwelcome question. If this happens to a close friend, i will ask to ignore the person, or just report to the administrator.
In a different point of view, If i'm being ignore by a good friend, i will ask the reasons why? and try to fix it. A friend does not go crazy and start ignore anyone without a reason. There is always an explonation, if the individual is willing to explaim to her to him.
It's but natural for you to feel that you had been ignored but have you ever thought if he or she noticed your call?

Sometimes, (I noticed this while in the chat room), if a line-up of replies appeared or came out at the same time it gets so difficult to notice which call is for you. How to solve this? Either you repeat your call, greet another member, or leave the chat room. :)

Some members too are just vert busy and have limited time to be able to join the chatroom. Most likely, they just come here to read blogs or greet and leave comments on their friends' page. Just forgive them.

Some of them just would like to chat with friends who are in their list. Make friends with them first. ^_^

Sometimes, their chat doesn't function well.

Nice topic Salem. ^_^

Have a great day!

I have had friends trying to reach me and I did not know it. I hear the chat right now, but it is hidden and maybe someone thinks I am ignoring them.
I always try to think the better of people and assume that there is a mistake. If I did do something to hurt or offend someone I would expect them to tell me and not ignore me.

I suggest that you message your friend in private (send a message from their page) and ask them how they are doing. Be very nice and ask something that requires a reply. Then be patient and relax. They may not check their page for a few days, but they will see your message when they do.

If you are still concerned you can send a message asking them if you have made them feel bad in some way and let them know that you are sorry if you did. That is what I do if I think there may be a misunderstanding.

hi friends , how are your day ?

maybe he or she's pretty busy with another person .you should find out that yourself


I completely agree with Bob and Alhgag. I prefer to think positively about people unless they reassure me!

Another great question! I absolutely agree with Lynn cuz it has happened 4 me, sometimes I came on line on EC 2 just reading blogs or answering discussions and I really didn't have enough time 4 chatting so when a member said 2 me a hi and wanted 2 start a chat I had 2 ignore him or her :-( 

When someone ignores us in chat room, the best reaction is don't judge them 4 it cuz there r so many reason...

Thx 4 ur nice discussion

mmm , It depends , I may igonore him directly or ask him about the reason made him to do that .


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