I like Korean drama which is romantic comedy.

My heart is beating when I watch them.

Characters feelings come across me storongly.

I like better it than Japanese one.

My favorite Koreans actor is Park Bo Gum.

His acting is superb. Express character’s feelings his body. Especially his eye’s acting is great.

I am always excited it!!!

Please tell me what you are excited!!

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I am always excited before, during and after doing the exercises/training!

Oh! It's very good for your health!

Are you training everyday?

What kind training do you?




That's sad.

You are right

I know.

Wait a second. I am sure, I have seen your another reply to this my reply...

It was something like "I am always right"


"I am always right."

Hmm... I like the sound of that.

But how is it possible?

I was sure, I saw it.

You're losing your mind...

I am always excited about vacations!

that sounds good!

my summer vacation is over...

I enjoyed summer vacation!

how about you?


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