I love the rain!
Every rain came, I felt there were memories back.
Rain is the time to enjoy the memories, that's my opinion. What is your opinion?

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Rain on a tin roof, the most beautiful sound. Memories of childhood on the farm.

@Jonathan R P Taylor > ah, right. the sound of rain can create a variety of feelings, and I always miss

I love a rainy day, too. It reminds me of my hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia. I hope to return home one day! PS. It's raining right now.

In our life we release tears because the heart can no longer handle the pain.Rain falls because the clouds can no longer handle the weight.
Rain go away,it comes again another day.I LOVE RAIN.

I moved from the UK because i was fed up with the rain. Too much miserable weather. I thought Bulgaria would be hot and dry...wrong! I've just laid ten tons of gravel to cover up the mud soaked lane to my house.

Saya suka hujan juga, Annie. I like the rain too. Thanks for sharing.


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