Hi all!

What is more correct? Or both are correct?

1. Although we know each other for a long time.....

2. Although we've known each other for a long time....


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Although we've known each other ..." present perfect : action started in the past and continue up to the moment and to the future maybe.."

Thanks Ms. Hala..:) There's another question I'd like to ask.

Although we've known each other for a long time,________________.

a. we have never had an informal talk.

b. we never did a normal friendly talk.

--present perfect + present perfect? If the first statement is present perfect, the second statement should be in the present perfect too?.. or past tense?

I thik A is correct. We have never had any informal talk becuase you still havent had any chat with that person till now.

But if you use past tense, we never had any informal talk, it might mean you never had it in the past but you are having it now,

Not sure though, its just my two cents worth....

Thanks Dylan for your reply..

So, what I got here is that..Present perfect + present perfect is correct. But also present perfect + past tense model is also correct, only depends on what you are meant to say.

And I learned great phrase : "two cents worth"...what exactly does it mean?

hello mayumi,,

haha,,, thank you and i am also learning english.

"my two cents worth" means " my spoken opinion",,, i use it when i offer my own opinion

Aha! So this is the meaning of two cents worth..Thanks, Dylan!

I think > We 've known each other for a long time is correct because it is about being familiar with ..that takes time for a long while .

I use > We knew each other in 20122 or We knew each other in August .

Hmm..means if there's a specific "time" like '2012' or 'August' we use past tense? OK, got it..

Thanks again.

"We've known each other for a long time.."

Thanks Wendy for the answer. Knowing each other takes a while..and this makes the present perfect correct instead using the present tense only.


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